Friday, December 26, 2008


I think this is home. It is completely familiar (of course) and it almost feels like I've never even left. It does not feel like I was in Vienna only 4 days ago. I am sad to have left. But it feels like I was there so long ago. I will miss my new family and friends the most. But I am excited to be able to return to my family and friends here.

Even if I don't get to sleep in my bedroom the whole time I'm home, and I don't really want to unpack my clothes just to have to repack them in less than 1.5 weeks. This place is really amazing. And I'm happy to be surrounded by some of the people who love me most.

Yesterday was Christmas day and because we only got home on the 24th we didn't have a Christmas tree. Dad and Charles were wonderful and created a 2D tree on the wall with tinsle and lights and ornaments. We didn't have very many presents, because the main present was having Mom and Dad come to visit me in Vienna and bring me home. But it was enough, and it was wonderful.

I've even already had In-n-Out since I've been home. And rootbeer. Mom and Dad were nice enough to have us stop on the way home from the airport. It was delicious as ever. And, because Anthony and Jana haven't had it yet, once they are here I should be able to eat In-n-Out again.

I guess there are a few good things about being home.

P.S. My hair seems EXTREMELY long after having straightened it for the first time in 3.5 months.
P.S.2 Sometime while I was gone, my Cat managed to gain 5 pounds. Yes, that meanst instead of being a large cat at 15 pounds he is now a monster and weighs 20 pounds. Can you believe it?