Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night Nate and I were going to go to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, but after all the administrative things got done we weren't going to be able to be there very long and it was getting dark. So instead we decided to go miniature golfing, we looked online and found boondocks up in Draper and headed there. Its right off the freeway actually, you know when you're driving to SLC and you see that large fake red rock arch on the right side of the road? Thats where it is.

Making sure he's got the right stance.

Mini golf was so fun. To start off I was doing pretty poorly and was losing to Nate by a few, but I slowly started improving and caught up to being just 2 behind. And then a couple holes later we were tied. We stayed tied for a few holes and then on the 2nd to last hole I got a hole-in-one and Nate scored 3, which put me two ahead. The last hole, is the kind where you lose your ball, and we both got it in one (cause thats the only option unless you hit the ball backwards.) Which means... I won the game! It may have helped me that somewhere along the line Nate forgot his score and guessed what it was somewhere in the middle, but that's his own fault, so I won fair and square.

Grumpy that he lost.

Next we turned in Nate's 10$ all got 43 silver tokens to play arcade games with. We won a few tickets, but our favorite game was this African Safari shooting game (I should've remembered the name), we played it twice and of course Nate won both times, but I've never shot n actual gun before, so that's a good excuse right? We ended up with 98 tickets, but decided we wanted to buy a couple more prizes so we got 4 more silver tokens with a dollar and got 29 more tickets. So, we bought two fun dips, two dum dums, a laffee taffee and a green popper. And oh man, the popper is so much fun. Nate made me have it pop off my head (he did it first) and he took a video of it and it kind of hurt, but it was so funny.

We bought a pizza and a box of hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. Yum Yum Yum. It was a great night.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I got an A- in intro to the English Language (ELANG 223)

I got a B- in German History and Culture (Germ 330). Isn't that GREAT? A B- in Deutsch? Okay, so thats not a great grade, but I fully expected a C something in the class. And I got better than that! Just think the first test in the class I probably got a 60%, and each test grade improved from that point on, only a bit, but enough for a B-. Thank goodness.

I'll take a 3.2 for my 6 credits. Thats better than my cumulative still. A little pathetic, I know.

Maybe with a little luck and faith I'll still get into grad school someday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss Quelsey

This is dedicated to Kelsey Groom. I feel like I need to write about her. I haven't seen her since April. We'll text or FB though. And today, when chatting on FB, (well we're still chatting) but so far we've typed the same thing (well, about the same thing) at the same time, twice.

1. Apologizing for not seeing eachother this last weekend.
2. She asked if Tolson was home, and I asked if she knew that he was home.

So weird. No wonder we are twins. =)

This girl and I have been through so much together. Good and Bad. From living next door, to being roommates, traveling to Idaho, to Brian Head, Freshman Academy, Liberty Square, and especially we have both been through a lot of boys together, and a lot of heart ache from boys.
I love you QUELS, I hope we can play again soon. I miss you so much!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"i really like your family" -- nathan berrett

i think they like him more than they like me actually. but i'm just glad they all like each other.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


excitement: it fills my soul.

1. Only about 2 hours till I get to see Nate. That means I get to see him tonight.
2. Only 3 more days of classes. 1 Test. 2 Finals. Then it will officially be my summer for about 2 weeks.
3. Only 3 days till I get to see my mama. She's going to take me shopping, and help me pack, and we'll laugh together.
4. Only 8 (or 9) days till I get to see my papito. He's gonna teach me how to change my own bike tire, since it seems that is a regular necessity.
5. Only 13 days till my birthday. Then I'll be 21. I can no longer be told "maybe when you're older" cause I will finally be a "grown woman". I like to think I'll still be a little girl inside though.
6. Only 2 days till we find out if its a boy or girl. I think I'm almost as excited as they are