Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I really want to write something special since I have so much free time and should be able to think of something clever. But I just can't seem to:

1. I love my niece Zoe Noelle Garrett. I've loved seeing her pretty much everyday since she's been born, and she's already grown so much. I will be a little sad when I can't see her as often cause we're all much busier with work and school resuming. Today I got to hold and cuddle her for a bit while she was sleeping and I absolutely loved it. I have so much love for this child, I can't even how much greater it will be one day with my own.

2. It's about 2 days and 12 hours more till I get to see Nate again. I'm picking him up from the airport. 2 weeks apart is WAY too long, and I hope I never have to do that again. Though we have had fun being able to SKYPE with each other each night.

3. I watched the Hannah Montana movie tonight and I really liked it. It was a little cheesy, but the plot line was decent, and I'll confess I love singing along to her music. It even made me cry, though that's not to hard to do, but it was really good, really sweet and touching.

4. My parents were wonderful to get me a knew camera for Christmas. Of course I don't NEED one, especially since I technically now own 4 cameras (but one of those is film and in a drawer at home, and another is here in my apartment in a box somewhere). But its a nice Nikon SLR camera. Its a few years old, but my mom got it for an AMAZING price at work and I love it and I'm so excited to see the masterpieces I'll be able to create.

5. Its snowed way too much today and as far as I know its still snowing. I know, its not as much as the blizzard that was on the east coast a week and a half ago, but its about 3 or 4 inches now and its cold and wet. And I finally made my first snow angel of the year, but that's about the only good side of the snow. I'm ready for it to be March and to welcome in the spring time and welcome back Mr. Sun.

Sorry, it definitely wasn't a creative post. But that's my life, not creative, and these are my thoughts for now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last night I was so stressed about my presentation this morning. I had pretty much finished my paper, but I took it over to Nate's to proof read it. I felt bad for him though cause there were so many linguistic terms he probably didn't really know what I was talking about. Nate and I watched the 2nd half of Two Tours and we were planning on finishing at 10 but we didn't finish till 11. Nate walked me home and I just started crying because I did NOT want to work on my presentation. I am so bad at speaking in German, especially when something needs to be memorized, and EIGHT whole minutes long. I prepared it last night but worked on the memorization this morning. I was able to give the whole presentation aloud to myself as I was walking to school, though I'd forget some parts and have to add them later so the ordering was a little skeewompis. I gave my presentation and I don't think I was even that nervous. I had my notes in hand, but I only had to look down a couple times, and not because I couldn't remember a word or a concept, but just because I needed to be reminded what was next so my ordering would be better.

After I gave my presentation of course everyone clapped. Then my teacher mentioned that some of the presentations might be good preparation for a question on the final. I reread my paper in between classes and made a few last minute corrections and turned it in. My teacher was in her office and said that I did a great job. I asked her if it was too short (cause normally I speed rush everything when I am in front of people) and she said no and that it was perfect. As I left her office she again stated that it was a good prep for the final. Isn't that wonderful? As far as she's hinted at me I think there is going to be a question on the final relating to German's development from a synthetic to an analytic language (my topic). I really hope there is because that would make me very comfortable since it is a group final and we each only have to contribute some, I can now contribute to that question since I'm currently an expert on said development.

Anyway, last night Nate was so sweet and was telling me how unimportant the presentation was, in the scheme of things. And how unimportant even our grades our. We'll look back on our grades in 10 (maybe less) years and think how silly it was to become so stressed over something so irrelevant to our life. He said what really mattered is that we are in love. What a sweetheart. I was still crying and dreading my presentation, but it was so sweet of him to say and to help me feel a little better.

Now that classes are done, even though I still have 5 finals to take (3 in class and 2 take home) I feel so much better. My paper is done, my presentation is done, my homework assignments are done, and actual classes are done. Lovely. Lets just hope I don't get too stressed next week when my brain actually focuses on the finals.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

the christmas season...

Melissa and her husband had a Ginger Bread Housing making party. This was our result. We didn't realize how much our "house" looked like a train until Anthony and Jana pointed that out to us. Oh well, it was still really good, and tasty too.

Nate and I with our "ugly sweaters"

Dain and Nate looked like such creepers with their whole outfits. Truthfully, their sweaters weren't that bad though.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


This week I discovered that, well,

Nate is my booger, and I picked him.

Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary. Any cute, cheap, and healthy ideas of what we should do to celebrate?

Monday, November 23, 2009

mixed feelings

i love the christmas season. i love getting and giving christmas presents. i love eating christmas treats. i love being with my family. and i'm super excited to meet that little niece of mine.

but, i'm dreading be away from the boy for 2 whole weeks. he says we'll text and call and skype a lot, but its not the same as being together. especially on christmas and new years.

so, if you're going to be in provo for christmas break, lets play, cause i may have quite a bit of free time...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In 6 days

I'll be at home!! I'll wake up in my own house. Though, not my own bed. But, I'll get to play with my cute fat cat and my sweet sweet dog. And eat my mother's delicious cooking. And enjoy the warmer weather.

If you can't tell, I am SOOOO excited! That's all.

Counting down the days... till THIS.

My Beach.

My Temple.

My Puppy.

My Pier.

My Papa.

and, My Mom.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Book of Mormon

Dain created this website for a couple of his less active friends. He invited Nate and I to join and since then has invited a few others too. We are all going to read the Book of Mormon by the end of next year, and this website allows us to post our comments and thoughts about it, and read the ideas of others.

He said I could invite anyone else to participate, so if you want to join you are more than welcome too. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Ps. I am really excited to read through the Book of Mormon again, I don't think I've read all the way through since seminary (senior year?)...

Monday, November 9, 2009

feeling crafty.

**Elise and I went to this Bi jou market on Saturday and got completely inspired to make our own hair things (clips, bobby pins and headbands). Nate was a little offended that I let him/made him take a nap on Saturday so that I could be crafty with Elise. We went a little crazy with lots of ribbon, lots of flowers, lots of hot glue.... but nothing was expensive and we've still got lots of supplies left.

**The lighting in my room is awful right now so these pictures don't rock, but here are a few of them that I made :)

For a cute baby that may be in the family soon :)

blue flowered bobby pin.

I wrapped the headband with brown ribbon and put the flowers on.

A white stretchy (party) headband w/ pink flowers

this may be a little big for my head, but i think it'll be cute.

Nate suggested I wear it with a sun dress, though that may have to wait.

white bow.

**So, there you go... I didn't take pictures of all the headbands I made for the Zoe. They may be too big for her new born head (I have no idea how big baby heads are) but hopefully they'll fit her sometime as a young child.

**I wore my brown headband with 3 flowers to church on Sunday and to my enrichment commitee meeting and one of the ideas for enrichment was making flower hair clips, and I mentioned how Elise and I spent hours doing that on Saturday, so they admired my headband and made me incharge of enrichment in 2 weeks. Though I don't love taking charge, it should be a really fun activity. I get to go out and buy all the supplies and decide exactly what we're going to make. Fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i want new boots. actually i just want new shoes in general, but boots seem like the perfect shoe to get with the chilling weather. my current pair of boots are a dark brown color, and i absolutely love them. but i want more. i either want a lighter brown color, like a reddish brown, or some cute black ones. i would actually love the cowboy boot style. if you know of any good deals let me know (cause it takes a lot to get me to actually spend my money). but i would love some new shoes to keep my feet warm in this upcoming snowy weather.

i want this semester to be over. i actually really like my classes, but i'm completely ready for a break from them. plus, i want to be done with these silly things called tests and projects and quizzes and hw assignments. if i could just learn and go to class with out all those unecessary things i would be happy. plus i'm excited for my classes for next semester (though we all know once those actually start i'll be ready for the end of that semester too). and there is one more completely selfish reason i'm ready to be done, but i feel much to silly to write about that, or actually to even think about it. okay here goes. i'm excited for nate to get new classes and for the girls in his current classes to STOP texting MY boyfriend... see, completely ridiculous of me, right?

i want to know why i have this bump on my hand, palm side, just under my ring finger. actually, its not even visible, and i totally forget about it after a few days, but occasionally i start playing around with my hand/that finger and i feel it again, and i wonder. does my bone have a bump there? is that normal?

i want the weather to stay like this forever. its absolutely beautiful, temperature wise, if only the leaves were still colorful on the trees. i won't complain about the loss of leaves though, as long as this weather stays and we can postpone the snow as long as possible.

i want my hair to be long and my teeth to be white. my hair is getting longer, and i love that. but because i haven't had it trimmed in so long (hence it getting longer) its really unhealthy. i'm getting a trim over thanksgiving break, and that should be great to get rid of those split ends and keep it growing long and beautiful again. and i'm working on whitening my teeth as well. i've got crest white strips, stronger than anything you can buy from a store apparently, cause they're straight from a dentists office. and my teeth ARE getting whiter, but their also painful in the process. the cold air outside hurts them, and they just feel funny almost all the time. apparently that will stop when i stop using the strips, but until then, i'll keep on trying to make them as pearlywhite as i can.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Food Poisoning...

..or whatever I had yesterday, is the absolute worst thing my body has yet experienced. I've had food poisoning once before, but I think I threw up more yesterday than I did. 12 times in 12 hours.

But I'm proud to say that I ate food around 9 last night and it is still in my stomach. AND I haven't thrown up since 3:00pm yesterday. I even was able to sleep completely through the night. Now that I'm awake and up my stomach hurts a little, and I feel weak, but its probably cause of the 3 pounds I lost yesterday. So, I'm eating some applesauce on toast. Go BRAT diet.

And, it showed me how sweet my boyfriend actually is. He came over first thing in the morning, left and got me pepto bismal and a dozen pink flowers. Left to play football, and because he saw me he forgot to eat breakfast and consequently got a migraine. But after resting for a couple hours he and Dain came over and gave me a blessing and he brought me some pink gatorade so I could get a few nutrients in me and hopefully not throw it up. He went home and changed and came back and was so sweet and just cuddled with me. Left for an hour so I could take a 2nd shower of the day, which felt so great on my achey body. Then came back over to help me walk back to his place. We went to the store and got me some chicken noodle soup, apple sauce and apple juice and watched a scary movie together. It was a good day. And I definitely think I'll keep him.

And since I was sick yesterday of course we didn't dress up, but at least Nate and I have our costumes for next year now. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

5 months

Friday, was our 5 month anniversary. Nate and I have been official for exactly 5 months. Isn't that exciting?

I was going to try and list some of our favorite memories, but I'm kind of lazy right now. So it looks like that might have to wait till our 6 month.

Its been a really good 5 months. Since my longest relationship ever was 6 months, Nate likes to tease me and say he is just trying to beat that record, so I may only have a little over a month with him left, but it'll be a good month at least ;)

Here's to 5 months together, and many more to come. Cheers!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Here is a link to an article about it... http://universe.byu.edu/node/3395


Last night when I got home from Nate’s I got a text from Kelsey confirming that I had been in the ward with this guy Robison Sundell. He was in my FHE group over the summer, he was my son, and I became good friends with all the boys in his apartment. I asked her why and she said because he died last night in a long boarding accident.

I was doing fine until I called Nate and told him I started bawling, and I called Mom and was bawling then too. Its just crazy for me to think about how fleeting life actually is. And its especially crazy because on my way to class yesterday, I was on the phone with Nate and I was late to class, but I passed Robi, and I only had a chance to say hi to him, quickly. I hadn’t seen him since the middle of August and he died on the day I saw him again. He was in the hospital on life support for at least a few hours last night while they were waiting for his family to come and officially say goodbye to him, but he didn’t have any brain activity the whole time.

I texted a couple of the boys that were his roommates in the summer, to ask them about it. They said "at least he went out doing what he loved." Again, I just can’t state how much we need to make the best of our lives, today, because you really never know what can happen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 minute mile

I'm officially really out of shape. I went running on Monday for the first time in who knows how long. I went for about 25 minutes, but walked about 10 minutes, I'd run a few blocks then walk a couple then run again.

Today I ran again. Twice in a week, that's good at least, right? I'm going to try going Friday too and getting a 3 a week routine down. I ran a lot faster today, and stopped less too. I ran the same distance in about 20 minutes today.

I looked up how far I ran, 2.2 miles. That's pathetic how slow I actually am, and how out of breath it actually makes me. I'll get better though, with time. Too bad its getting colder though so it'll actually make the breathing part harder. I might have to run on the indoor track sometimes too.

Anyway, regardless of how slow I am, I'm proud of myself for going twice already this week. And I'm determined to keep it up. So, here's to getting into shape. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


So, we all know how great the office is. But did you watch last weeks? The second part. You can find it here.

So, Chris Brown's song "forever" came on, and it showed flashbacks of Jim and Pam getting married on the boat. They eloped. They ran away from all their friends, because they hated having their wedding revolve around other people's agendas. They looked so completely happy. And they're only acting.

It made me cry. Not a lot, but a few tears definitely dripped down my face. I think I wiped them away in time so Nate didn't see. I just couldn't help it. I want that happiness.


I also loved when Twitch and Comfort hip hopped to this dance on SYTYCD. You can check that out on youtube sometime.

Friday, October 9, 2009

looking forward to..

*Halloween. Nate and I are planning on going as Princess Buttercup and Wesley from a Princess Bride. I'm excited, though we still need to find our costumes. I'm also excited to carve a pumpkin and eat lots of candy. I really want to go to a corn maze this year too.

*Thanksgiving. Nate and I are driving to California to spend the holiday with my family. I'm excited to show him my home, the beach and why I love SD so much. If anyone is headed that way for Thanksgiving and wants to go with us to save on gas that'd be awesome.

*Christmas. Actually pretty much just for Zoe's birth. I can't wait to be an auntie and spoil that little girl like crazy. Two weeks off of school will be pretty nice though. I haven't had a two week break since last Christmas.

*Graduation. Who cares if its 14 months away. Once it happens that'll be so great. I won't HAVE to go to anymore school. Except then I'll have to start working full time somewhere, and hopefully I'll be able to find somewhere good to work (we this economy). And I still (kind of) want to get my masters in Communication Disorders, or get my TESOL certificate. Either way, a bachelors degree will be very exciting. And after graduation I'll finally get to start real life.

*Love. Life.

*What the future holds. I'm excited for tonight to see my lover boy again. I'm excited for Thursday when my L2 paper will be finished and turned in. I'm excited for this weekend. I'm excited for holidays. I'm excited for the snow to come and then to be gone again. I'm excited for this summer. Especially THIS summer.

*Every future second of my life.

Monday, October 5, 2009


remember this r problem i'm having? well, its still going on. and after taking the key board apart and cleaning it all out, nate discovered it must just be a short. he took my computer to work with him so he could check it out and make sure. so i'm here planning on buying a new keyboard for my computer, 30$, not too bad, but i hate spending money. and nate tells me not to order it yet because he's going to talk to dell and see if they'll fix it. so. get this. he said he was a little rude to them. oops. but he convinced them to fix it for me. plus they're going to fix my touch pad which is pretty crappy, tighten the hinges on my screen and replace the cover to my cd driver. isn't that amazing? what a sweetheart to get them to do all those things for me. i feel a little bad that he was mean to them. but it'll be worth it. so they're sending me a box in the next couple days. then i'll be computer less for 10-12 days, yuck, but, then it'll come back working like new. yay. nate says i owe him big. any ideas?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


the letter isn't working on my keyboard right now and its really obnoxious actually. the numbers 4 and 5 aren't working either. but at least i can use the function 'u' and 'i' key and get those. each time i want to type an 'r' i have to use 'control v' to paste. so buggy.

i'm trying to think of ways i can get around typing with that letter. different words i can use, words to increase and exercise my vocabulary. its just not working at all, there are way too many words that use that letter. i am typing sentences and they are coming out like this... "the lette <> isn't woking on my keyboad ight now and its eally obnoxious actually."

see what i mean? how do i get around that?! good thing i have a techy boyfriend huh? hopefully he can fix it!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fall -- winter

last weekend i went with my mom and dad for a drive up the canyon. we stopped at sundance and rode the ski-lift up so we could enjoy the leaves so more and then we hiked down from the top. it was absolutely beautiful. fall may just be my favorite season.

today it is practically freezing cold. it is rainy and wet and cloudy and cold. i am wearing rain boots and a scarf (!) and a sweatshirt. no more flip flops and short sleeves, i guess. the high today is supposed to be 52, the same tomorrow. there is a chance of snow. i guess winter is coming early this year. i hope it doesn't stick around until april.

see the snow atop that mountain!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

aimee is....

saturday september 12.
aimee is exhausted.
aimee is a boring girlfriend. she sleeps all the time. and can never figure out fun things to do.
aimee's burp just tasted like sushi.
aimee NEEDS to do laundry. she hasn't done it yet since living in this apt. too many clothes?
aimee found a hole in her jeans today. she must need a new pair.
aimee hears music. and people. loud. outside somewhere.
aimee went fishing today. twice. -- we didn't catch nuffin. "what're they bitin' on?!"
aimee has the best boyfriend ever. and. she loves him.
aimee is bedtime. beyond, actually. only 11:16pm.

sunday semtember 13.
aimee is church.
aimee is finally doing laundry.
aimee has lots of hw to do today.
aimee ate the best burger for lunch. lots of meat. and brown sugared bacon. delicious.
aimee gets to eat lots of dessert tonight.
aimee is ready for a nap. see? she always sleeps.

the end.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night Nate and I were going to go to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, but after all the administrative things got done we weren't going to be able to be there very long and it was getting dark. So instead we decided to go miniature golfing, we looked online and found boondocks up in Draper and headed there. Its right off the freeway actually, you know when you're driving to SLC and you see that large fake red rock arch on the right side of the road? Thats where it is.

Making sure he's got the right stance.

Mini golf was so fun. To start off I was doing pretty poorly and was losing to Nate by a few, but I slowly started improving and caught up to being just 2 behind. And then a couple holes later we were tied. We stayed tied for a few holes and then on the 2nd to last hole I got a hole-in-one and Nate scored 3, which put me two ahead. The last hole, is the kind where you lose your ball, and we both got it in one (cause thats the only option unless you hit the ball backwards.) Which means... I won the game! It may have helped me that somewhere along the line Nate forgot his score and guessed what it was somewhere in the middle, but that's his own fault, so I won fair and square.

Grumpy that he lost.

Next we turned in Nate's 10$ all got 43 silver tokens to play arcade games with. We won a few tickets, but our favorite game was this African Safari shooting game (I should've remembered the name), we played it twice and of course Nate won both times, but I've never shot n actual gun before, so that's a good excuse right? We ended up with 98 tickets, but decided we wanted to buy a couple more prizes so we got 4 more silver tokens with a dollar and got 29 more tickets. So, we bought two fun dips, two dum dums, a laffee taffee and a green popper. And oh man, the popper is so much fun. Nate made me have it pop off my head (he did it first) and he took a video of it and it kind of hurt, but it was so funny.

We bought a pizza and a box of hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. Yum Yum Yum. It was a great night.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I got an A- in intro to the English Language (ELANG 223)

I got a B- in German History and Culture (Germ 330). Isn't that GREAT? A B- in Deutsch? Okay, so thats not a great grade, but I fully expected a C something in the class. And I got better than that! Just think the first test in the class I probably got a 60%, and each test grade improved from that point on, only a bit, but enough for a B-. Thank goodness.

I'll take a 3.2 for my 6 credits. Thats better than my cumulative still. A little pathetic, I know.

Maybe with a little luck and faith I'll still get into grad school someday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss Quelsey

This is dedicated to Kelsey Groom. I feel like I need to write about her. I haven't seen her since April. We'll text or FB though. And today, when chatting on FB, (well we're still chatting) but so far we've typed the same thing (well, about the same thing) at the same time, twice.

1. Apologizing for not seeing eachother this last weekend.
2. She asked if Tolson was home, and I asked if she knew that he was home.

So weird. No wonder we are twins. =)

This girl and I have been through so much together. Good and Bad. From living next door, to being roommates, traveling to Idaho, to Brian Head, Freshman Academy, Liberty Square, and especially we have both been through a lot of boys together, and a lot of heart ache from boys.
I love you QUELS, I hope we can play again soon. I miss you so much!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"i really like your family" -- nathan berrett

i think they like him more than they like me actually. but i'm just glad they all like each other.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


excitement: it fills my soul.

1. Only about 2 hours till I get to see Nate. That means I get to see him tonight.
2. Only 3 more days of classes. 1 Test. 2 Finals. Then it will officially be my summer for about 2 weeks.
3. Only 3 days till I get to see my mama. She's going to take me shopping, and help me pack, and we'll laugh together.
4. Only 8 (or 9) days till I get to see my papito. He's gonna teach me how to change my own bike tire, since it seems that is a regular necessity.
5. Only 13 days till my birthday. Then I'll be 21. I can no longer be told "maybe when you're older" cause I will finally be a "grown woman". I like to think I'll still be a little girl inside though.
6. Only 2 days till we find out if its a boy or girl. I think I'm almost as excited as they are

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nater is gone. To farmington tonight. To Nauvoo tomorrow. Till Tuesday. So. if you are my friend, and if you're reading this you must be, lets play sometime. puhlease?

Monday, July 27, 2009

The fireflies were going CRAZY at the park last night.

I love the music in the background, it seems as though they are dancing, though I think it was just dinner time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Eats

We (Nate and I) ate WAY too much this weekend. I know I said it before, but we really need to cut back, not just because of our growing stomachs but because of our shrinking bank accounts.

Friday we went to macey's and got icecream. Don't tell anyone, cause they'll run out, but the icecream there is AMAZING. Especially the shakes. But they are a little rich. But cheap and HUGE, and delicious. We only got cones yesterday. But the pb cup shake, well they put 8 WHOLE peanut butter cups in there, that alone costs about as much as they charge for the shake. Try it sometime.

We got a pizza from Walmart. Took it to Nate's and cooked it. Very meaty, and manly (but good for me too) and great.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Farmer's Market in the Pioneer Park. And they have FREE samples of some really yummy things. My favorites were the japanese beef, and honey butter. There are cool crafts and pieces of art and other cool things there as well. Go. We'll probably go again and again and again. Before it ends in October.

Then we went to Los Hermanos. Not the best Mexican food I've ever had, but fresh just made chips. And the food was still really good. Just nothing will beat "my rosas". But they gave us so much food. I got a beef burrito, and it came with rice and beans. Also they get points for the freshness factor, the food was burning hot, as was the plate.

We took a nap. Because we felt so exhausted from eating so much food. Hah! What a terrible excuse. But you know how eating too much makes you sleepy? Just like Thanksgiving.

That night we went to Nicolitalia with Dain, Trist, Emily and Brittany. Nate and I shared a medium pizza. But it was the perfect amount for the 2 of us. They also have pasta, and calzones there. We got a meaty pizza again. Why get anything else, when that is so good. Well, it was delicious, anyway. I'd definitely recommend it, if you're looking for good, not too expensive pizza.

And lastly, the two of us went to Maestro's on Center Street. We each got 2 scoops of gelato. And let me tell you it was DELICIOUS. I don't know if it would compare to all the Italian Gelato I've had, but it was at least pretty darn close. I got raspberry and amaretto to see if it compared to the deliciousness Claire and I partook of in Florence. Nate got coconut and pineapple. They all tasted so fresh. The pineapple especially tasted like I was biting a pineapple, which is my favorite fruit, I think. Anyway, it was very yummy. It wasn't TOO expensive either, not as cheap as our 3 huge scoops for whatever like 2.5 Euros in Venice, but decent nonetheless. We'll probably make it a monthly occurrence to go and I think you should too.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

summer nights.

even a minute away and my thoughts rush back to him.
the couple embracing across the street distracts me for only a moment.

the wind blows my hair onto my face. it tickles me.
music plays in the background as i listen to the wind ruffle the leaves.

i love the feeling of these warm summer nights.
the temperature outside is the perfect combination of cool breeze and hot dry air.

i wish summer would last forever, but it seems its already coming to an end.
more than a month till fall classes. till reality.

but we'll love life till then.
and we'll continue on even after.

this is paradise.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I feel like....

Bomb Dot Com. Peeps.


LOVING life.


Our first round of 7x7. In London, at the Guy Fawkes celebration.

Our second round of 7x7. On the way home from Germany.

McFlurries in Dublin. and EVERY other city we went to.

Bath House in Budapest.

Quantum of Solace. At least a week before it was out in the states, in Dublin.
We woke up early to eat breakfast. Went back to bed. And got up a bit later to eat breakfast again.

Relaxing on St. Charles Bridge in Prague.

At the Austria - Turkey Game.

Windsor Castle was one of my favorites in London.

Friday, July 17, 2009


The weekend could not come any sooner.

This week has been VERY stressful to say the least. Especially yesterday and this morning. But its all coming to a close and in about 3 hours I'll be done with school again till Monday.

What a glorious thing the weekend is. I hope its as relaxing and fun and wonderful a planned.

Monday, July 13, 2009

wonderful things of unexpectedness

I love these treats

1. A very unexpected introduction occured on Sat. I met Claire's wonderful mother! And another dear friend of Claire's. She's great. And I wish/hope I can be better friends with her.

2. A very unexpected wall post appeared on my FB Wall. She was my Best Friend/Nextdoorneighbor from Bennion. What a lovely surprise. She's doing well. I wish I could go up to SL to see her.

3. A very unexpected friend add on FB. Maybe for a more sneaky purpose. But I still feel completely special that I'm friends with him. Hah!

4. A very unexpected chicken arrived at my house around lunch time. With the cute Nathan. Rotiserrie Chicken from Costco is the best. What a delicious treat.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Number 1. Anthony and Jana invited me to go with them, on Aug 6. to the doc appointment to find out if its gonna be a bambino or a bambina. Which also is wonderful news, that I'm going to be an auntie. The baby isn't due till December, but hopefully school will keep me busy enough till then that I won't be too anxious. I can't even imagine being the parent, that would definitely cause a lot of anxiety.

Number 2. I entered a picture in an online photo contest. I doubt it will win, but its still very exciting. I'm still in the 5,000s, but thats out of 40,000. And I've only voted for myself twice. You should vote for me! I decided to enter 2 more today, just to see how they do as well. See what type of photo people like best. Vote for any of them, or all of them. You can vote every few hours. PLEASE?!

Number 3. Its almost the weekend. I've got a lot to do tonight still. Including a German oral presentation to prepare. Yuck. But after 12 tomorrow I'm free again till Monday. We don't have anything planned yet and that might actually be fabulous, cause then we can do whatever we want.

Number 4. I'm getting tan! I'm tanner than one roommate with an Indian father and another with a Guatamalen mother. The cons of that are that one day I will probably get skin cancer, and it shows how white and pasty my stomach/everywhere else inappropriate to show is.

Number 5. We went fly fishing yesterday. Nate doesn't have it totally down yet. Which means I can't actually fish really, cause if he can't do it how could I? But, we caught one that was probably 17 inches. And sadly missed 2 huge fish that each broke the line. I really want to buy myself a bait pole and prove I'm a Utah resident and get a license. We'll see...

Number 6. I took my second Deutsch Kultur Geschichte Test today. I didn't do amazingly on the first one, but I felt really good about this one. I found a good group of guys in the class to study with and I definitely think that helped. Hopefully I did alright, I started the test after and finished before a few people in my class. But I can't imagine writing any more, my hand is killing me, plus I would hate to be in the testing center any longer either.

Number 7. Elise and I signed a contract for fall housing! Actually the contract will be F,W,Sp and Su. But we might try selling the spring and summer contracts so we can find a cheaper deal. We will be living in Strattford 204, in Condo Row. I am thrilled that I will be living so close to campus. It will only take me like 10 minutes (max) to get to classes instead of the current 20. Plus, I'll be living about 1 minute away from my sweetie, instead of the current 8.3.

Number 8. After signing our contracts I went into the Twilight Zone, just to check it out a little, and see if there was any tasty treat for me to snack on. And guess what I found?! Milka bars! Oh my gosh, even though they're more expensive than a regular candy bar I decided to buy two, a normal milk chocolate and hazelnuss. They actually weren't that pricey considering when they weren't on sale at Billa they were about one Euro. They cost about 1.70, but thats only a little more than 1 Euro with the exchange rate. I've eaten about half of the milk chocolate bar, and it is absolutely delicious. Let me know if you want a bite :)


i fell asleep during the movie last night. a couple different times. but i even said goodbye when it was over.

but for some reason i woke up about every 30 minutes last night feeling like he should still be there. and feeling like i was missing something. and had missed my alarm. at 3:30 in the morning. of course i hadn't slept through my alarm. and when the alarm time got closer i woke up more frequently. until i turned it off and got out of bed.

worst sleep in a long time. i'm not sure why.

i hope everything is okay.

Monday, July 6, 2009

choose an emotion.

"every women's dream" -nate

staring off into the distance.

my hair looks brown again. :( i swear its getting blonde.


tiger. "wait nate, how is tiger an emotion?"

asian. sorry.

haha. just the two of us.