Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Countdown to Vienna

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ha ha. I just realized, I set this to 2:35pm on the 8th, which is when my flight arrives. Vienna time. Which means it will be 5:35am CA time. And, so when this countdown is over, I will have been there for hours already. Exciting. =)

Friday, August 22, 2008


As summer draws closer to an end I've been lucky enough to have a few opportunities to enjoy my beautiful ocean. First I went boating in the harbor, I was too chicken to wake board, plus we didn't have a lot of time, so I just went tubing. It brought back many fun memories of going to Lake Powell every summer. Paul was driving crazily and kept whipping Anders and I so much trying to get us to fly off the tube. The last fall we had was really huge and both of us hurt a little afterwards. But it was still a blast.

Whitney, Paul, Anders and I after being in the water.

Last week Anders and I went to Carlsbad hoping to look a the tide pools, but the water ended up not being low enough so we just played paddle ball and then drove down to La Jolla and walked around and played in the sand a little bit there. The waves down crash as much there because the direction the cove is facing and so the sand was really pretty, bigger, mostly white but had other pretty colors too.
On Tuesday I left work a little early and Anders came down and we went snorkeling at La Jolla Cove. The last time I had been snorkeling was when my family went to Hawaii in '01, so it was fun to go again. We didn't see too much variety of fish, but we saw a lot of Garibaldi and some other blue/silvery fish. We even saw a few seals swimming with us in the water, but most of them were sitting on the rocks on the side. We played in the nice sand a little and then we went and looked at some tide pools and watched the crabs and some really ugly birds. I was even able catch a cute little crab even though they try to run away from people so fast!

Anders and I after we were done snorkeling and showered to rinse some salt water off.


I'll be in Vienna in 17 days!!
(Hopefully my VISA and comp get here soon)


As Mom stated, I have been able to go to the beach more than just these last few times. These times were just all really close to each other, and more recent. But I've also had wonderful adventures at the beach with my parents.

We decided one Saturday that we were going to buy kites and take them flying. We drove up to San Juan Capistrano looking for a good place to fly our kites but then decided upon the San Clemente beach. Dad got a navy plane kite, Mom got a fish kite and I got a HelloKitty kite. Our kites decided to dive bomb a few times, but as a whole the adventure was very successful.
Mom's kite dive bombed into the sand.Our kites.The three of us after we flew our kites.

We also have enjoyed driving down to "our" beach (Oceanside) and just sitting for a while and walking along the coast. Mom usually tries to avoid the water but I always like walking barely close enough that the waves will splash up on my feet (or sometimes even higher to my knees or thighs!)
Dad, Mom and I enjoying the beach.
Letting the water touch my ankles.

Mom and I finally gave in when Costco had some boogey boards on sale. We only bought 2 because Mom didn't think she would ever use them. But Dad and I had fun using them and catching a few waves. Anthony and Jana were able to enjoy them a couple of times while they were down visiting as well.

Dad and I are READY to boogey baby!

Monday, August 11, 2008

and the winner is....

Joshua! --- I'm happy for him, I don't think he was the best dancer on the show, but I respect him for stealing the hearts of many Americans and getting them to vote for him. Plus he was in at least one or two of my favorite routines this season.

With the final 4 I wanted Courtney to win, because out of the choices I feel like she improved the most. I know that she wasn't the best either, Katee probably was of the final 4, but Courtney was starting to win me over.

Also, I think its dumb that they gave Katee 50 thou when she got 3 place, just for being the best girl. I don't think that's how the show was designed. If they would have announced before hand that the top girl was getting money as well, it would have been okay by me, but they didn't. I feel like the "top girl" got money BECAUSE it was Katee, I don't think they would have done it for Courtney, but that's just my opinion.

I do think all the dancers were able to get a lot of publicity from this show and I wish the best to all of them with their future dancing careers!


I'll be IN Vienna in 28 days