Monday, June 29, 2009

Nater Bater

He is a complete goober. This video cracks me up so much. He took it himself :) I just watched it about 12 times while waiting for it to upload. So great.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a Linguist

- an expert at making linguine
- a person who speaks several languages fluently
- a specialist in linguistics (the science of language, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and historical linguistics.)

The closest I am is probably being the linguine expert. I'm pro already with spaghetti noodles, so I'll just have to try these ones next. Then I can pass all my classes with flying colors. ;)

No, I don't speak 12 languages, I actually only had to take ONE foreign language. I choose German. Its now a minor (passion) of mine.

I'm learning about all those things. I'm taking a syntax class in the fall and a german phono/morpho/syntax class. It should be quite difficult. My ELANG class right now is wonderful, I may be the only person in the class who has learned any of this information before. Woot.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a sunday afternoon

it was blissful. the weather is finally warm again. for a while at least. we went to the park. threw a frisbee around and relaxed. i loved it.


He gives me faces like that a lot.

"artsy foot picture"

Sunday, June 21, 2009


we went camping this weekend. in tabiona. it was beautiful there. we forgot a few items to make the food better (including ketchup), but it was still enjoyable. we made a fire. we cooked polish
sausages. and a mush of bacon, carrots and onions. i froze as i slept on the hard ground. but only
woke up 3 times. around 6:30 elise climbed in my sleeping bag and we spooned. but it was so
warm.we ate eggs and bacon for breakfast.we went fishing. nate broke his pole on friday, so we
caught the fish with just line and a hook. we caught 4! i pulled one in with my bare hands and the
line. i cleaned 2.5 fish. nate taught me how and i did it. i cut them open, pulled out the guts,
broke the blood along the spine, cut off the fins, and scaled them. i even had to bite off a piece of
the fin that wouldn't cut off. i felt like a total mountain woman. it started to pour, freezing rain.
we hurried back and cleaned up the camground. we drove home. we smelled like mud, wet, fish,
and fire.

what a wunderbar time it was. ganz geil :)

Eliseeeeee and I

See, it was beautiful.

I don't think Dain loved us being on his car.

River. Blue Skies. Fishing.

Dain teaching Elise to fly fish.


The fishie I caught. A good sized one too.

Fish kissies :)

My mountain man.

The catchings of the day.

Cleaning the fish.

Bloody hands and all. I am a mountain woman.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


yesterday, after two weeks apart i got to see claire bear again. and let me just tell you it was absolutely perfect. even with time away from eachother, once we come back together its just it was yesterday. we catch up on eachothers lives, and we spill our entire hearts to eachother. this needs to happen more.

i was thinking about it yesterday, how i could've gone to vienna the year before. i wasn't accepted, but then later i was. but i turned it down. i'm so grateful for that now. there are other people from the program that i'm so grateful are in my life today. but especially my claire. i need her in my life, and i'd like to think that she needs me too.

its so funny to think about how a friendship, a trust, like this was created. over a rocket summer shirt and sharing a bed together. but now, it unbreakable and i trust her with my thoughts, my aspirations, my worries, my heart. and i know she'll listen.

there are few people that i will bear by soul to.
  • ali always had to pry things out of me, but because she would i knew she cared and i started to give information more willingly.
  • my mother is the first person i'll call when anything goes awry. she'll tell me she wishes she was here to give me a hug and make it all better.
  • i promise i'm working on opening up to YOU, its just not what i normally do and i'll have to work on it more. i do trust you. i am trying...

and thank you again claire for letting me tell you all about my life. you're wonderful.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


going from 25 hours in two days to less than 4 hours in two days is absolutely awful.

Monday, June 15, 2009


i want to write. but i have no idea what i should write about. its been a couple days so maybe thats why i feel like i should. and life is really good. so maybe thats why too.

but im at a loss for words, to describe anything. here's life.

nate and i spent as much time together as possible this weekend. friday we went out to dinner. and he was nice enough to come to a "vienna reunion" bonfire with me. my al pal was there with her scottyface. which was so good. we ate lots of chocolate. saturday we went fishing. nate and i caught 4 fish. dain caught 3. the hurricane came upon us. seriously. we went to my ward activity. to fend off "the sharks". i think it worked. we played with anth and jana. blockus 3D. and ate ihop. i went to church with him. to fend off the jezebels. we ate trout. and brownies. so much for being healthy. meh. at least we're relatively active. i love how much we do outside.

its time to study for finals. i've got 3 tests this week. i'm not thrilled. wish me luck.

we caught ducklings this week. they were adorable. we tried again last night, but i think cause it was sunday they were already full.

our catchings. what a feast.

Nater fishing.

I even caught a snake while we were there. I'm getting braver.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

vow to be healthy

We ate so much food this weekend. On Friday Nate and I went on our first official date, a double, with Elise and Dain, to outback. They all get steak, and I got this yummy chicken with mushrooms (not quite as yummy), cheese and bacon on top. A boy that Nate and Dain knew was our waiter so he brought us a free icecream dessert. We went back to the boys and watched a movie, North by Northwest and ate more icecream and shakes.

Saturday, the two of us went up the canyon and found a little fire pit. We cooked bratwurst, and I stuffed myself with 2, then we made s'mores. The canyon was beautiful and always makes me really appreciate Utah's natural beauty. We watched the Return of the Jedi back at Nate's and first he just made a fruit smoothie, but then later he made a s'more milkshake too (which was sooo good) but i felt so fat after eating so much.

Last night, we just shared a bowl of icecream, while watching the Brave Little Toaster

We've decided we can't eat like that anymore. So starting today, we're not going to eat junk food every 5 minutes. We're gonna eat healthy, and eat less.

Here are a couple cute pictures.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my frosting is disappearing...

i'm glad to say that even though it is sad that my frosting has been slowly, or not so slowly, disappearing, this statement is purely physical. for now there is no metaphor intended.

rainbow chip frosting is so delicious. and i don't eat it that often. but occasionally i'll whip it out and eat it on some graham crackers. i had it on my shelf first. then next time about a quarter of it was gone. i put it in the back of the fridge and now its over half way gone. keep in mind i've only had 3 graham crackers with frosting.

are they searching every day to discover when i've actually opened the container to learn that its become accesible to steal? i don't get it. because it sat in the same spot on my shelf before it was opened. and after. until i put it in the fridge. because its healthier, and tastes better. meh. i dont say anything cause i dont want to ruin our now established friendship..

but at least life is still full of frosting. at least things as delicious as frosting.
  • a couple friends from study abroad read their mission calls to us last night. i'm soooo thrilled for them. germany and brazil. how rad is that? needless to say, it was very joyous to see old friends again. especially my kinner who i hadn't seen in over a month.
  • the weather is still glorious. i haven't been getting the hot face at all lately. which also means i haven't been getting as tan lately. but i'm still pretty tan. scott and zach told me yesterday that i look mexican. :)
  • spring classes are almost over. which means summer classes cometh. but, i'll be glad to take these finals and write these 2 last papers.
  • my finger nails are painted purple. which is apparently more acceptable than the previous turquoise color.
  • the boy still likes me. and i still like him.
  • elise is home from michigan. and hopefully won't be going back till aug. though she will leave in a few weeks for kelly's wedding! but i'm excited to play with her until then. we're going on a double date this weekend.

well. that's all. i'll have to think of a new place to hide my frosting so it doesn't all get eaten before i get any. but until then, i'll enjoy life's frosting :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


life. that is.

spring term is absolutely ridiculous. i have a test today and one tomorrow, then a paper due thursday. but only 3 more weeks then i'm fertig. then onto summer term classes. which i'm also excited for. 330 is gonna kick my trash probably, but it'll be so good to speak german again.

the weather has been fabulous lately. i love sitting outside in shorts and a shirt. reading a little. tanning a little. just loving life. and stanley has been treating me so well too. as before, we've really enjoyed our rides our to utah lake. check out how gorgeous this is.
i'm not sure what that annoying splot on the upper left is, but i cleaned the lense, so hopefully it'll be gone in the future.
and the cute boy i've been hanging out with. well, he's just that, cute. we have a lot of fun together.