Monday, February 15, 2010

4 things

this morning i talked to my mom for about an hour and a half. she told me that she loved being able to talk to nate (along with my dad) on monday (when he asked them permission, to ask me to marry him). she said she asked him why he wanted to marry me. his four main reasons were:

1. because we connect spiritually. he said that with some people you can just feel that there is a deeper connection. more than just a physical and mental connection, but a spiritual one too. even though he didn't go on a mission he believes that the Lord put me in his life now for this purpose and he needs to take advantage of it. he is looking forward to us being able to grow together spiritually and have experiences where our testimonies both grow.

2. because i am a hard worker. he said that he is glad that i work hard now. even though i don't have the best job, i still do the best i can with what i can. because i don't depend on my parents to pay for me, even though i could if i really needed to. because being a hard worker now will prepare me to be a hard worker when i am a mother and at home with our children.

3. because i am intelligent. he said that i don't ever give myself credit for actually intelligent i really am. but he loves that we can just talk, about anything and everything and we can have a good conversation. he said he's dated lots of girls that weren't very smart and he couldn't do that with, but he can with me.

4. because i am beautiful. he said that beauty is the first thing to draw someone in. its the thing to make you walk across the room to see someone, and to keep coming back.

it made me cry as mom was telling me these things, and it even made me cry again as i'm sitting here writing them down. i'm so in love with this boy, and i'm so lucky to have him love me back.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I started this post on Thursday...Nate told me that he'd tell me one thing that he loved about me a day until we're engaged.

1. my eyes
2. my hands
3. my butt
4. my lips

When we were at the park he began with, I guess I'll just tell you a bunch of things I love about you now, because this is the end of the list... (something like that). He pulled that precious little box out of his pocket and I still don't think I realized what was going on. A few seconds later the tears started dripping out of my eyes. He picked that location because he'd gone there a few times in the past couple months (late at night, after we'd been hanging out) to pray and make sure that WE were right.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and, well, I said YES. I was so excited I didn't even give him a chance to put the ring on my finger. I stole it out of the box and put it on myself.


can you tell how ecstatic I am?
I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

i saw "friendly man #1" again on thursday.

it easily made my day.

Friday, February 5, 2010


one-hundred and two things I love:

  1. my cat Pipin
  2. my puppy Natasha
  3. my mama
  4. my padre
  5. my brother anthony
  6. his wife jana
  7. their baby, zoe bean
  8. my boyfriend boog, Nate
  9. my cannon powershot
  10. my nikon d70
  11. my lappy
  12. sleep
  13. german (the language not my class)
  14. wiener schnitzel
  15. gelato
  16. german chocolate
  17. vienna
  18. austria
  19. and germany
  20. and all of europe
  21. traveling
  22. taking pictures
  23. nate's smile
  24. pizza
  25. yozone
  26. yoasis reunions
  27. macey's
  28. 24
  29. the office
  30. reading blogs
  31. blogging
  32. trying new recipes
  33. facebook
  34. exercising
  35. shaved legs
  36. plucked eyebrows
  37. eyeliner
  38. eating
  39. texting
  40. vienna reunions
  41. summer
  42. cake
  43. birthdays
  44. christmas
  45. babies
  46. zinnias
  47. the internet
  48. pictures
  49. headbands
  50. getting flowers from someone
  51. graham crackers and frosting
  52. lake powell
  53. extended family
  54. cousins
  55. grandparents
  56. aunts
  57. and uncles
  58. being an auntie
  59. scheduling my calendar
  60. craigslist
  61. raspberries and cream
  62. being tan
  63. the Greindl's
  64. clothes just out of the dryer
  65. green beans
  66. sugar cookies
  67. cookie dough
  68. rainbow chip frosting
  69. stanley
  70. my ipod
  71. john mayer
  72. colbie caillat
  73. taylor swift
  74. switchfoot
  75. new music
  76. smarties
  77. "stealing" smarties from macey's
  78. peanut butter cups
  79. chocolate
  80. hot chocolate chip cookies
  81. farr's icecream
  82. clean sheets
  83. ride's home after work
  84. money
  85. friends
  86. white teeth
  87. whitening strips
  88. stuffed animals
  89. earrings
  90. the scriptures
  91. picture frames
  92. white boards
  93. getting an A on a test
  94. clean carpet
  95. a clean house(/apartment)
  96. the beach
  97. fires
  98. fishing
  99. catching a fish
  100. and cleaning it
  101. finishing and turning in big assignments
  102. waking up without an alarm
I thought this was a fitting post for my 102nd post. Sorry that I forgot to monumentalize my 100th post. and sorry if there are any repeats on this post. or if you got bored reading this.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i'm tired of this weather. and ready for spring. too bad the groundhog decided that we have 6 more weeks of winter.

i'm tired of school. going straight through spring and summer, although it seems like a good idea, may be the death of me. come june i'll finally have a break, cause i'm only taking spring classes this year. can't wait.

that is all.