Sunday, November 29, 2009


This week I discovered that, well,

Nate is my booger, and I picked him.

Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary. Any cute, cheap, and healthy ideas of what we should do to celebrate?

Monday, November 23, 2009

mixed feelings

i love the christmas season. i love getting and giving christmas presents. i love eating christmas treats. i love being with my family. and i'm super excited to meet that little niece of mine.

but, i'm dreading be away from the boy for 2 whole weeks. he says we'll text and call and skype a lot, but its not the same as being together. especially on christmas and new years.

so, if you're going to be in provo for christmas break, lets play, cause i may have quite a bit of free time...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In 6 days

I'll be at home!! I'll wake up in my own house. Though, not my own bed. But, I'll get to play with my cute fat cat and my sweet sweet dog. And eat my mother's delicious cooking. And enjoy the warmer weather.

If you can't tell, I am SOOOO excited! That's all.

Counting down the days... till THIS.

My Beach.

My Temple.

My Puppy.

My Pier.

My Papa.

and, My Mom.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Book of Mormon

Dain created this website for a couple of his less active friends. He invited Nate and I to join and since then has invited a few others too. We are all going to read the Book of Mormon by the end of next year, and this website allows us to post our comments and thoughts about it, and read the ideas of others.

He said I could invite anyone else to participate, so if you want to join you are more than welcome too. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Ps. I am really excited to read through the Book of Mormon again, I don't think I've read all the way through since seminary (senior year?)...

Monday, November 9, 2009

feeling crafty.

**Elise and I went to this Bi jou market on Saturday and got completely inspired to make our own hair things (clips, bobby pins and headbands). Nate was a little offended that I let him/made him take a nap on Saturday so that I could be crafty with Elise. We went a little crazy with lots of ribbon, lots of flowers, lots of hot glue.... but nothing was expensive and we've still got lots of supplies left.

**The lighting in my room is awful right now so these pictures don't rock, but here are a few of them that I made :)

For a cute baby that may be in the family soon :)

blue flowered bobby pin.

I wrapped the headband with brown ribbon and put the flowers on.

A white stretchy (party) headband w/ pink flowers

this may be a little big for my head, but i think it'll be cute.

Nate suggested I wear it with a sun dress, though that may have to wait.

white bow.

**So, there you go... I didn't take pictures of all the headbands I made for the Zoe. They may be too big for her new born head (I have no idea how big baby heads are) but hopefully they'll fit her sometime as a young child.

**I wore my brown headband with 3 flowers to church on Sunday and to my enrichment commitee meeting and one of the ideas for enrichment was making flower hair clips, and I mentioned how Elise and I spent hours doing that on Saturday, so they admired my headband and made me incharge of enrichment in 2 weeks. Though I don't love taking charge, it should be a really fun activity. I get to go out and buy all the supplies and decide exactly what we're going to make. Fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i want new boots. actually i just want new shoes in general, but boots seem like the perfect shoe to get with the chilling weather. my current pair of boots are a dark brown color, and i absolutely love them. but i want more. i either want a lighter brown color, like a reddish brown, or some cute black ones. i would actually love the cowboy boot style. if you know of any good deals let me know (cause it takes a lot to get me to actually spend my money). but i would love some new shoes to keep my feet warm in this upcoming snowy weather.

i want this semester to be over. i actually really like my classes, but i'm completely ready for a break from them. plus, i want to be done with these silly things called tests and projects and quizzes and hw assignments. if i could just learn and go to class with out all those unecessary things i would be happy. plus i'm excited for my classes for next semester (though we all know once those actually start i'll be ready for the end of that semester too). and there is one more completely selfish reason i'm ready to be done, but i feel much to silly to write about that, or actually to even think about it. okay here goes. i'm excited for nate to get new classes and for the girls in his current classes to STOP texting MY boyfriend... see, completely ridiculous of me, right?

i want to know why i have this bump on my hand, palm side, just under my ring finger. actually, its not even visible, and i totally forget about it after a few days, but occasionally i start playing around with my hand/that finger and i feel it again, and i wonder. does my bone have a bump there? is that normal?

i want the weather to stay like this forever. its absolutely beautiful, temperature wise, if only the leaves were still colorful on the trees. i won't complain about the loss of leaves though, as long as this weather stays and we can postpone the snow as long as possible.

i want my hair to be long and my teeth to be white. my hair is getting longer, and i love that. but because i haven't had it trimmed in so long (hence it getting longer) its really unhealthy. i'm getting a trim over thanksgiving break, and that should be great to get rid of those split ends and keep it growing long and beautiful again. and i'm working on whitening my teeth as well. i've got crest white strips, stronger than anything you can buy from a store apparently, cause they're straight from a dentists office. and my teeth ARE getting whiter, but their also painful in the process. the cold air outside hurts them, and they just feel funny almost all the time. apparently that will stop when i stop using the strips, but until then, i'll keep on trying to make them as pearlywhite as i can.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Food Poisoning...

..or whatever I had yesterday, is the absolute worst thing my body has yet experienced. I've had food poisoning once before, but I think I threw up more yesterday than I did. 12 times in 12 hours.

But I'm proud to say that I ate food around 9 last night and it is still in my stomach. AND I haven't thrown up since 3:00pm yesterday. I even was able to sleep completely through the night. Now that I'm awake and up my stomach hurts a little, and I feel weak, but its probably cause of the 3 pounds I lost yesterday. So, I'm eating some applesauce on toast. Go BRAT diet.

And, it showed me how sweet my boyfriend actually is. He came over first thing in the morning, left and got me pepto bismal and a dozen pink flowers. Left to play football, and because he saw me he forgot to eat breakfast and consequently got a migraine. But after resting for a couple hours he and Dain came over and gave me a blessing and he brought me some pink gatorade so I could get a few nutrients in me and hopefully not throw it up. He went home and changed and came back and was so sweet and just cuddled with me. Left for an hour so I could take a 2nd shower of the day, which felt so great on my achey body. Then came back over to help me walk back to his place. We went to the store and got me some chicken noodle soup, apple sauce and apple juice and watched a scary movie together. It was a good day. And I definitely think I'll keep him.

And since I was sick yesterday of course we didn't dress up, but at least Nate and I have our costumes for next year now. :)