Thursday, September 11, 2008


Anders and I were able to go down to the San Diego temple about a week ago and do baptisms for the dead. We joined a youth group from Murrieta and they were so cute. There was a girl in the bathroom who asked if Anders was my husband or my boyfriend. And then we I was changed into the jumpsuit and went to wait behing the glass, Anders was there with 3 deacons and they had asked the same thing. They were trying to guess our ages and they guessed I was 23! I do not look THAT old do i? I guess they are young enough I will forgive them.

Anders confirmed me and another girl and then we went to do baptisms. The bishop of the ward baptized a few girls and then Anders baptized me and then the next girl had her uncle there so he baptized her and Anders was a witness for the rest of the night. I always love the spirit at the temple. While we were waiting for everyone to be done, one of the deacons from before told me we should REALLY go to in-n-out with them. He was really cute. Ha ha. Afterwards we had the bishop take a picture of us in front of the temple. He did not get the temple in the picture at all, but it was a nice picture of us.

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Ellen said...

Nice to know you can still use your computer. I continue to look forward to more from Austria.