Monday, February 15, 2010

4 things

this morning i talked to my mom for about an hour and a half. she told me that she loved being able to talk to nate (along with my dad) on monday (when he asked them permission, to ask me to marry him). she said she asked him why he wanted to marry me. his four main reasons were:

1. because we connect spiritually. he said that with some people you can just feel that there is a deeper connection. more than just a physical and mental connection, but a spiritual one too. even though he didn't go on a mission he believes that the Lord put me in his life now for this purpose and he needs to take advantage of it. he is looking forward to us being able to grow together spiritually and have experiences where our testimonies both grow.

2. because i am a hard worker. he said that he is glad that i work hard now. even though i don't have the best job, i still do the best i can with what i can. because i don't depend on my parents to pay for me, even though i could if i really needed to. because being a hard worker now will prepare me to be a hard worker when i am a mother and at home with our children.

3. because i am intelligent. he said that i don't ever give myself credit for actually intelligent i really am. but he loves that we can just talk, about anything and everything and we can have a good conversation. he said he's dated lots of girls that weren't very smart and he couldn't do that with, but he can with me.

4. because i am beautiful. he said that beauty is the first thing to draw someone in. its the thing to make you walk across the room to see someone, and to keep coming back.

it made me cry as mom was telling me these things, and it even made me cry again as i'm sitting here writing them down. i'm so in love with this boy, and i'm so lucky to have him love me back.


Ellen said...

You wrote that way better than I told you. I am guessing you talked to him about that too, maybe? Because it seems that way. I am glad you wrote those down.

brooke said...

Congratulations Aimee!!

eric keith said...

Congrats on getting engaged!

In response you your questions on my blog...

1. Go snowshoeing! It's definitely not too late. There's plenty of snow up in the mountains to have a sweet adventure.

2. I'm in nature photography. It's RMYL223R Outdoor Leadership Skills, so anybody can take it. They only offer this section Summer and Winter semesters. But totally worth it. We're going to Moab in two weeks for a three day photography field trip. Take the class!