Friday, January 23, 2009


Okay, so don't totally judge me, the grammar may be completely incorrect on this. But its a poem, so its okay right? I had to make sure it rhymed so some of the sentence structures are probably incorrect. Also, I wrote this in about 30 minutes before class started. I'm actually pretty impressed with myself, it's at least as good as a poem I could write in English. Though I didn't quite finish, for lack of time, I got the 10 lines I needed. Maybe I'll add to it someday.

Also, please excuse the rough translation, I tried to keep the German sentence structure as much as possible. But you should get the gist of it.

Der Fünf-Uhr hebt die Linke Hand The 5-hour lifts the left hand
Fast ist es Abend in der Land Almost is it evening in the countries

Die Vögel fliegen jetzt in den Himmel The birds fly now in the sky
Sie scheinen wie ein großes Gewimmel They seem like a large swarm

Durch die Zweige der Wind überwiege Through the branches the wind predominates
Das Lüftchen schwingt sanftmütig die Wiege The breeze rocks meekly the cradle

Die Sonne geht langsam hinunter The sun descends slowly
Die Schatten, versteckt die darunter The shadows, it hides under

Der Sonnenuntergang hat viele Farben The sunset has many colors
Orange und rot wie eine Feuergarben Orange and red like a flash of fire


Mom said...

I like that you are becoming a writer too. Thanks for sharing.

Claire Sorensen said...

"viele Farben" made me smile really big. I'm glad you still write on your blog. I'm going to follow your good example.

I love this poem :) Way to go, girl.
I just really like you. Love.