Thursday, July 9, 2009


Number 1. Anthony and Jana invited me to go with them, on Aug 6. to the doc appointment to find out if its gonna be a bambino or a bambina. Which also is wonderful news, that I'm going to be an auntie. The baby isn't due till December, but hopefully school will keep me busy enough till then that I won't be too anxious. I can't even imagine being the parent, that would definitely cause a lot of anxiety.

Number 2. I entered a picture in an online photo contest. I doubt it will win, but its still very exciting. I'm still in the 5,000s, but thats out of 40,000. And I've only voted for myself twice. You should vote for me! I decided to enter 2 more today, just to see how they do as well. See what type of photo people like best. Vote for any of them, or all of them. You can vote every few hours. PLEASE?!

Number 3. Its almost the weekend. I've got a lot to do tonight still. Including a German oral presentation to prepare. Yuck. But after 12 tomorrow I'm free again till Monday. We don't have anything planned yet and that might actually be fabulous, cause then we can do whatever we want.

Number 4. I'm getting tan! I'm tanner than one roommate with an Indian father and another with a Guatamalen mother. The cons of that are that one day I will probably get skin cancer, and it shows how white and pasty my stomach/everywhere else inappropriate to show is.

Number 5. We went fly fishing yesterday. Nate doesn't have it totally down yet. Which means I can't actually fish really, cause if he can't do it how could I? But, we caught one that was probably 17 inches. And sadly missed 2 huge fish that each broke the line. I really want to buy myself a bait pole and prove I'm a Utah resident and get a license. We'll see...

Number 6. I took my second Deutsch Kultur Geschichte Test today. I didn't do amazingly on the first one, but I felt really good about this one. I found a good group of guys in the class to study with and I definitely think that helped. Hopefully I did alright, I started the test after and finished before a few people in my class. But I can't imagine writing any more, my hand is killing me, plus I would hate to be in the testing center any longer either.

Number 7. Elise and I signed a contract for fall housing! Actually the contract will be F,W,Sp and Su. But we might try selling the spring and summer contracts so we can find a cheaper deal. We will be living in Strattford 204, in Condo Row. I am thrilled that I will be living so close to campus. It will only take me like 10 minutes (max) to get to classes instead of the current 20. Plus, I'll be living about 1 minute away from my sweetie, instead of the current 8.3.

Number 8. After signing our contracts I went into the Twilight Zone, just to check it out a little, and see if there was any tasty treat for me to snack on. And guess what I found?! Milka bars! Oh my gosh, even though they're more expensive than a regular candy bar I decided to buy two, a normal milk chocolate and hazelnuss. They actually weren't that pricey considering when they weren't on sale at Billa they were about one Euro. They cost about 1.70, but thats only a little more than 1 Euro with the exchange rate. I've eaten about half of the milk chocolate bar, and it is absolutely delicious. Let me know if you want a bite :)


Ellen said...

You have it timed down to the second. ;) I want a bite and I am slightly jealous that I will not be in Utah until the 7th, but I am expecting a phone call moments after the discovery.

I love you.

Emily said...

Hey! You're moving into my current ward (but I'm moving out). You'll totally love it—it's great :)

Heather said...

Your not tanner then me :) hahahah I love you.

de said...

I like your blog :)