Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Eats

We (Nate and I) ate WAY too much this weekend. I know I said it before, but we really need to cut back, not just because of our growing stomachs but because of our shrinking bank accounts.

Friday we went to macey's and got icecream. Don't tell anyone, cause they'll run out, but the icecream there is AMAZING. Especially the shakes. But they are a little rich. But cheap and HUGE, and delicious. We only got cones yesterday. But the pb cup shake, well they put 8 WHOLE peanut butter cups in there, that alone costs about as much as they charge for the shake. Try it sometime.

We got a pizza from Walmart. Took it to Nate's and cooked it. Very meaty, and manly (but good for me too) and great.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Farmer's Market in the Pioneer Park. And they have FREE samples of some really yummy things. My favorites were the japanese beef, and honey butter. There are cool crafts and pieces of art and other cool things there as well. Go. We'll probably go again and again and again. Before it ends in October.

Then we went to Los Hermanos. Not the best Mexican food I've ever had, but fresh just made chips. And the food was still really good. Just nothing will beat "my rosas". But they gave us so much food. I got a beef burrito, and it came with rice and beans. Also they get points for the freshness factor, the food was burning hot, as was the plate.

We took a nap. Because we felt so exhausted from eating so much food. Hah! What a terrible excuse. But you know how eating too much makes you sleepy? Just like Thanksgiving.

That night we went to Nicolitalia with Dain, Trist, Emily and Brittany. Nate and I shared a medium pizza. But it was the perfect amount for the 2 of us. They also have pasta, and calzones there. We got a meaty pizza again. Why get anything else, when that is so good. Well, it was delicious, anyway. I'd definitely recommend it, if you're looking for good, not too expensive pizza.

And lastly, the two of us went to Maestro's on Center Street. We each got 2 scoops of gelato. And let me tell you it was DELICIOUS. I don't know if it would compare to all the Italian Gelato I've had, but it was at least pretty darn close. I got raspberry and amaretto to see if it compared to the deliciousness Claire and I partook of in Florence. Nate got coconut and pineapple. They all tasted so fresh. The pineapple especially tasted like I was biting a pineapple, which is my favorite fruit, I think. Anyway, it was very yummy. It wasn't TOO expensive either, not as cheap as our 3 huge scoops for whatever like 2.5 Euros in Venice, but decent nonetheless. We'll probably make it a monthly occurrence to go and I think you should too.


Ellen said...
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Ellen said...

You will have to take me to the Gelato place. You made me hungry.

de said...

ah you guys are so cute!

kaTie said...

i never stop eating. can we eat together sometime? kthanks.