Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fall -- winter

last weekend i went with my mom and dad for a drive up the canyon. we stopped at sundance and rode the ski-lift up so we could enjoy the leaves so more and then we hiked down from the top. it was absolutely beautiful. fall may just be my favorite season.

today it is practically freezing cold. it is rainy and wet and cloudy and cold. i am wearing rain boots and a scarf (!) and a sweatshirt. no more flip flops and short sleeves, i guess. the high today is supposed to be 52, the same tomorrow. there is a chance of snow. i guess winter is coming early this year. i hope it doesn't stick around until april.

see the snow atop that mountain!


Ali & Scott said...

after class i am going straight home and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with exquisite miniature marshmallows. With this cup of hot chocolate in hand I can almost guarantee that I will be on top of the world!

Aaron & Susan said...

I never thought I would say this but I am SO jealous! Sundance in the Fall is gorgeous. Although Hawaii isn't bad, I would love to be able get all bundled up again :)

Ellen said...