Saturday, September 12, 2009

aimee is....

saturday september 12.
aimee is exhausted.
aimee is a boring girlfriend. she sleeps all the time. and can never figure out fun things to do.
aimee's burp just tasted like sushi.
aimee NEEDS to do laundry. she hasn't done it yet since living in this apt. too many clothes?
aimee found a hole in her jeans today. she must need a new pair.
aimee hears music. and people. loud. outside somewhere.
aimee went fishing today. twice. -- we didn't catch nuffin. "what're they bitin' on?!"
aimee has the best boyfriend ever. and. she loves him.
aimee is bedtime. beyond, actually. only 11:16pm.

sunday semtember 13.
aimee is church.
aimee is finally doing laundry.
aimee has lots of hw to do today.
aimee ate the best burger for lunch. lots of meat. and brown sugared bacon. delicious.
aimee gets to eat lots of dessert tonight.
aimee is ready for a nap. see? she always sleeps.

the end.


Ellen said...

How can this be posted at 10:09 PM when it is still only 3 in the afternoon?

I am glad you love your boyfriend. Just go climb trees, that is a fun thing to do and not boring.

Where are you eating dessert? I want some.



Claire said...

I love your posts.
I love your mom's comments on your posts.
I love your mom's comments on my posts.
I love having class with you three times a week.
I love our promise to speak German.
I love the excuse to talk to you for one whole hour..cuz it's homework.
I love being with you.
I love you.