Monday, January 25, 2010

McKinlee is going to be such a wonderful missionary. I was able to go to her farewell on Sunday, and man, the spirit is so prevalent with that girl. Her talk was so amazing, and got me crying, a lot. I think a few of the tears were out of jealousy that she is returning to Germany/Austria and maybe even Vienna itself, but I know another good chunk of those tears were because I know how GREAT she is going to be.

Ps. I donated blood today and one of the questions was: "have you been out of the US or Canada in the last year?" and I had to answer "no" and that broke my heart a little bit, to remember that it ACTUALLY has been that long.

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Matt Davies said...

So I gave blood during the fall and when they asked me that, it was the day before the 1 year anniversary of me being in Wien. So I gladly and proudly said yes!! Made me feel good but also sad.

And I'm jealous you got to see Covey!! I'm gonna call her tomorrow. But we can both be jealous that she's returning to our beautiful city