Wednesday, January 27, 2010

two men.

Yesterday I talked to two of the friendliest and happiest men alive.

Man number 1 walked by me in the hallway of the Wilk. He said "good morning" and I asked how he was doing. He responded and asked me the same. As he walked ahead of me he wished me "an absolutely fantastic day". He then paused at the door and opened it for me. I watched him in awe as he continued to say "good morning" to every person he passed and to wish many of them to "have an absolutely fantastic day" as well.

Man number 2 works at the information desk in the SAB with his wife. I stopped to get a poster of the BYU men's volleyball team and he began to tell me about how he and his wife have been to over 860 BYU football and basketball games. One year they were honored by the basketball team as the fans of the year (or something like that). And they got to travel with the team to Australia. We talked about BYU sports a little longer, and then he asked me what grade I was in school, and then if I'd found a rich man to marry. He said CTR stands for 3 things: Choose the right, Choose the rich and one more I can't remember right now. I told him that I've found a good boy that may be able to provide that for me. And he said "good. But remember, the most important thing is to be happy." He then told me that everyday that they are alive they choose to be happy because they aren't dead yet.

I hope that I can learn to have such a happy disposition as these two men.

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