Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Nate and I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond on Saturday. It was so much fun! Nate was totally dreading it before we started, but once we got there I think he really liked it. I think he enjoyed the idea that we can pick what the colors of our house will be and the fun and nice things we will (hopefully) get.

Nate ended up having to go into work late Saturday night, and I was so obsessed with registering that I stayed online chatting with him and we were sending links back and forth. It was fun, but it made me pretty tired for 9:00 church the next morning.

We've heard we should register somewhere else, but we can't figure anywhere else that we'd really want to register. On Tuesday we went to Target and today we went to Sears. They both have a few things we might like, but I don't think its enough to make a whole registry there. Any ideas of where else we should register? Or should we be okay with only BBaB? Maybe that way we can make sure we get the things we really like the most. At one point we talked about registering at a sporting goods place so we could get camping and fishing stuff, but I don't know what store we would pick for that either. They don't have Cabellas in VA or CA.

Anyway, of course you will all be getting me a lovely wedding present (just kidding) so you can check out or registry if you want. Just type in our names or our registry number which is 11561841. I love looking back at it and getting so excited to get gifts! Is that selfish of me?


Anonymous said...

I would suggest registering at Target or Walmart mainly because there are lots of things that you don't think you'll need until you are married and in your apartment. Stuff like cleaning supplies, a cheap trash can, broom, vaccum, and things like that. So if you get gift certificates to those places then you can buy that stuff not using money out of your pocket. (From my knowledge BB&B doesn't have that stuff, but I might be wrong) Plus, is BB&B close to where you will be living? You might just want to register somewhere that is closer to your apartment cause you might get stuff later after the wedding. (Hope that makes sense and sorry this was so long...)

Britley said...

I would recommend registering at Target as well. Bed Bath and Beyond is wonderful, and they are wonderful at returns (they will give you cash back for some of the gifts that you return), but not everyone will go there. So you might want to register for Target or else you will get a bunch of Target things you didn't want. And they are horrible at returns. You have a better chance at getting things you actually want if you register there.

Stacy said...

I would think some place like Target or Walmart as well. But did you ever think about like the bigger stuff for you house? So I would also think about a place like Ikea or maybe even Best Buy!

Loving, Learning, and Sharing said...

I agree with the idea of Target but for a different reason. Register for some fun things, games, camping and fishing supplies. I saw the list for BB&B and did not see anything fun.