Tuesday, March 23, 2010

why is it...

why is it that i live day by day through my school assignments? i find myself regularly saying, once this ___ is done then I will feel so much better.

for example, tomorrow i am giving a referat (a presentation) in my german class and today i am telling myself, once my referat is over with tomorrow i will feel so relieved. i will be able to focus on my other school assignments, like my 450 final paper, and my 473 final project. but why is it that i can't bring myself to work on those big projects today? they'll probably affect my grade more than this silly german presentation will be able to improve (or hurt) my grade.

and then i find myself saying, and then after that, and after that, and after that, then final exams, and then i'll be out of school for 4 months. then, well then, that'll be so great. i'll feel so peaceful. but then, actually, i'll be planning the last details of my wedding. but the plan (and goal) is that it won't be quite as stressful.
working 40 hours a week and planning a wedding doesn't seem like it'll be quite as bad as working 15 hours a week and taking 15 credits and planning a wedding, right?

maybe i should try living for today instead of living for when my school projects will be done. and maybe i shouldn't procrastinate my school assignments to the last minute causing me to dread them with all my heart. good idea?


Kaycie Q said...

girl. i totally needed this right now! i was thinking that same thing. i had a huge project due this morning and i kept thinking how relieved i was going to be. and though i do feel some slight relief i can check it off the list so much other stuff has hit me as soon as it was over. and now i'm like what the heck?! but you're right. i need to stop stressing, get to work, and enjoy life. cause being stressed nonstop is getting old. :]

p.s. you're great.

Anonymous said...

I can totally commiserate with you on this. I have a 10 page paper that has been plaguing me for weeks. Its about time for this semester to be OVER!