Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I got an A- in intro to the English Language (ELANG 223)

I got a B- in German History and Culture (Germ 330). Isn't that GREAT? A B- in Deutsch? Okay, so thats not a great grade, but I fully expected a C something in the class. And I got better than that! Just think the first test in the class I probably got a 60%, and each test grade improved from that point on, only a bit, but enough for a B-. Thank goodness.

I'll take a 3.2 for my 6 credits. Thats better than my cumulative still. A little pathetic, I know.

Maybe with a little luck and faith I'll still get into grad school someday.


Ellen said...

Way to go. So glad you continue to improve. A little luck and hard work and faith.

Dani Stolworthy said...

very ambitious. grad school... :)
so happy you have a blog!