Sunday, November 1, 2009

Food Poisoning...

..or whatever I had yesterday, is the absolute worst thing my body has yet experienced. I've had food poisoning once before, but I think I threw up more yesterday than I did. 12 times in 12 hours.

But I'm proud to say that I ate food around 9 last night and it is still in my stomach. AND I haven't thrown up since 3:00pm yesterday. I even was able to sleep completely through the night. Now that I'm awake and up my stomach hurts a little, and I feel weak, but its probably cause of the 3 pounds I lost yesterday. So, I'm eating some applesauce on toast. Go BRAT diet.

And, it showed me how sweet my boyfriend actually is. He came over first thing in the morning, left and got me pepto bismal and a dozen pink flowers. Left to play football, and because he saw me he forgot to eat breakfast and consequently got a migraine. But after resting for a couple hours he and Dain came over and gave me a blessing and he brought me some pink gatorade so I could get a few nutrients in me and hopefully not throw it up. He went home and changed and came back and was so sweet and just cuddled with me. Left for an hour so I could take a 2nd shower of the day, which felt so great on my achey body. Then came back over to help me walk back to his place. We went to the store and got me some chicken noodle soup, apple sauce and apple juice and watched a scary movie together. It was a good day. And I definitely think I'll keep him.

And since I was sick yesterday of course we didn't dress up, but at least Nate and I have our costumes for next year now. :)


Ellen said...

Pink medicine, pink flowers, pink gatorade - does he know your favorite color? I definitely think you should keep him. So glad you are doing better today - keep getting stronger.

Brandon and Kelly said...

Are you sure its not the flu, I had the same symptoms, I was throwing up for the first day and night, then my body just hurt all over, aches, pains, everything from my mid back to my knees hurt so bad. I think you might have the flu my love. I couldn't eat or anything. I defiantly lost like 5 pounds (which isnt good). Did you have a fever? well let me know if you need any medicine or just some company! Love ya! I knitted the whole time I was sick, I got alot of stuff done.