Monday, November 9, 2009

feeling crafty.

**Elise and I went to this Bi jou market on Saturday and got completely inspired to make our own hair things (clips, bobby pins and headbands). Nate was a little offended that I let him/made him take a nap on Saturday so that I could be crafty with Elise. We went a little crazy with lots of ribbon, lots of flowers, lots of hot glue.... but nothing was expensive and we've still got lots of supplies left.

**The lighting in my room is awful right now so these pictures don't rock, but here are a few of them that I made :)

For a cute baby that may be in the family soon :)

blue flowered bobby pin.

I wrapped the headband with brown ribbon and put the flowers on.

A white stretchy (party) headband w/ pink flowers

this may be a little big for my head, but i think it'll be cute.

Nate suggested I wear it with a sun dress, though that may have to wait.

white bow.

**So, there you go... I didn't take pictures of all the headbands I made for the Zoe. They may be too big for her new born head (I have no idea how big baby heads are) but hopefully they'll fit her sometime as a young child.

**I wore my brown headband with 3 flowers to church on Sunday and to my enrichment commitee meeting and one of the ideas for enrichment was making flower hair clips, and I mentioned how Elise and I spent hours doing that on Saturday, so they admired my headband and made me incharge of enrichment in 2 weeks. Though I don't love taking charge, it should be a really fun activity. I get to go out and buy all the supplies and decide exactly what we're going to make. Fun!


Janthony-Garrett said...

I can give you more ideas for flower hair clips! :)

Aaron & Susan said...

Those are all so cute!! Especially the brown one with the 3 flowers. I'm not a crafty person, but you're making me want to be! :)

de said...

CUTE!! I love homemade couture :)

Anonymous said...

Aimee! Those are all SO cute. You make me want to run to Hobby Lobby right now and spend all my food money on ribbons and flowers. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to be in your dang cute

Briana said...

Aimee. Those are so cute. You did awesome.

Ellen said...

The headwear is definitely adorable. I imagine Zoe is going to have the best hairwear in the world between you and Jana.

I love how diplomatic Nate was letting you in would be cute with a sundress.

I am so excited for you to be in charge of the enrichment activity. Have fun with that.

So glad you have such fun with Elise.

Anonymous said...

super cute! i especially like the ones with the pink flowers and the one pictured above it with blue and yellow. sehr schoen!

Nielsens said...

i went to the same market! so much cute stuff!
you did a good job, i also thought i wanted to try and make my own. it hasn't happened yet, i'll see if it ever does....

Claire said...

Girl, you TAKE charge of that activity. That's going to be so great!
Also, I'm way impressed with your Saturday past-time. Way to be artsy!