Friday, May 7, 2010

rainbow chip

Sometimes, on days when I catch up on a lot of blog reading, I think about things that I could blog about. But then I realize that most of those things aren't really things that anyone cares about reading, except maybe my mom. But still, they are usually things I want to write about, so I can remember my thoughts.

I was showering today and I think my roommate was doing laundry at the same time. But I had no choice, I had to shower anyway because I needed to be ready. The water temperature kept fluctuating which was pretty obnoxious, it went from scalding hot to freezing cold.

*I absolutely love rainbow chip frosting. So much that I might actually consider it a weakness of mine. One small serving, only 2 tbsp is 140 calories. Wowzas. I could just eat that stuff straight. But, its especially good and graham crackers and is totally one of my favorite treats ever.

*Survivor: Heroes vs Villains has become one of my favorite shows. Its so fun because Nate and I enjoy watching this one together. And last night his roommate, Tristram, even watched it with us and I think he's hooked too. Its so good and so unpredictable. I love it. In last nights episode, two of my least favorites got voted out and they had no idea it was coming. They were trembling in their shoes when they heard their names read, and then bam, sent home. It was totally glorifying.

*I started tracking my calories about 6 months ago. I can't say its really helped, cause my weight has pretty much stayed the same. And I'm sure some days I forget to add things, so I under record, and some days I probably add to much of something making me go over. But I still feel good about myself for doing it. I'm definitely more conscious about what I eat even though sometimes I just can't help myself and I completely divulge myself. Like today for instance, I supposedly ate about 800 calories more than I'm supposed to, about 160% of the amount of sodium and carbs I'm supposed to have, and about 400% the amount of sugars I'm supposed to have. Holy cow! I guess its good that I'm keeping my weight steady when I have random days like that. My excuse for eating so much sugar today is that Nate and I went and saw Iron Man 2 in theaters tonight, and I've been getting up around 5:45 every morning this week (yes I have been going to sleep early) but still, I'm exhausted, so I munched on candy to stay awake. The movie was really good though, in case you're interested to know.

*Oh my gosh, I just looked at my calendar, and I totally missed it (since its officially Saturday now). Friday was 50 days till my wedding. I can't believe its already down to 50. (Which is still insanely far away) but this engagement has been flying by. And I can't weight to marry my sweetie in 49 days or 7 weeks exactly (if you remember that its Saturday).

That's all I need to write now. I think I had a few things I thought were blogable when I was getting scalded in the shower earlier, but I can't remember them now and I want to post this entry. THE END.

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