Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sometimes I forget to blog, or journal. And I realize that is bad. I'm missing pretty momentous things going on in my life. Its the last 27 days of my single woman life. That's huge. Also, Nate and I have been dating for one whole year, that's pretty impressive too, huh?

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, which means no work. Though actually I never work on Mondays, except for last month when I watched Baby Zoe. I love her so much. She even knows me now, or at least my face. I could come in and Anthony would be holding her and she'd give me a big grin. Though I do think she still saves the largest smiles for her parents, but really can you blame her? Nate and I are going to go to Maple Lake in Payson Canyon tomorrow. We're going to go fishing and pack a picnic and I plan on taking lots of pictures.

Usually picture taking is my way of not allowing my life to pass by without documenting my memorable memories. But with my normal camera out of function, I now have to carry around the less convenient clunker camera. But I promise I'll take some tomorrow, clunker or not.

Also, I really hope we catch some big fish. You see, that's my only wish. ;)