Sunday, February 22, 2009


Claire inspired me. I want to write my thoughts. I don't necessarily think everyone really needs to read what I am thinking about. But, this is a good place to write, and you ARE welcome to read.
  • I watched Charly tonight, by myself. 2 Things. 1. I need a movie watching buddy, its not as fun watching them alone. 2. This movie ceases to amaze me, on its ability to bring me to tears. Everytime. I think because its so real. I think one of my biggest fears is to have my husband die. I know we'd be reuninted, because I really do believe in FOREVER. But, how hard of a life, raising children alone, having to support yourself...
  • I learned how to make 'clicks' this week. Seriously though, I did. I love what I am studying. Everything else that all those other people learn about is so boring.
  • Did you know that every cell has 6 ft of DNA? 6 ft! Its true. But, I kind of am becoming fascinated by our bodies. How can people see everything the human body does, how everything works and NOT believe that their is a God.
  • Birgit posted some pictures from the Faschingfest, I think it was a ward activity. I wish I could have been there. Matthi is getting so big. So is Jono. I miss those boys (that family) like crazy.
  • I have brown hair. I think everyone knows by now, cause it has been over a week. But I do. I actually love it. I love my blonde hair too, but I love having change. (At least a little bit). I love the shock factor, I didn't do it for anyone else, but its still fun to hear peoples thoughts and comments about it. Except. I hate the comment "did you dye your hair?"--- of course I dyed it you doofus, I can't exactly just wake up one day and have my hair 12.3 shades darker!
  • Also, please watch this video. You might not think its funny, but I think its amazingly hilarious. "Why is this happening to me... is this gonna be forever?" So great.
  • It is 7:40 and I am ready for bed. Actually, I have to watch 2 Nachrichtens, which I WILL do. BUT, I cannot even imagine staying up for 4.5 more hours which would be my normal bed time. What am I going to do with myself for that long?

That is all. Have a wonderful night. Please. And thank you.


brianamw said...

I have to say that video was pretty entertaining. Haha, nice to have a laugh

Claire Sorensen said...

"Of course I did, you doofus!"

Ha ha. I love you. And your blog posts. And the fact that you have 2 Nachrichtens to watch. Gosh, why do we put them off so badly?