Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. There weren't too many clouds in the sky and the sun was actually SHINING. I was on campus studying and so I decided to study outside. Fantastic idea. Kelsey and I went to the park after we both finished some stuff. And we flew KITES. A couple of little girls asked to borrow the kites at first and ended up using them for like half an hour. But we still got a chance to fly them. AND it was wonderful.

Also, I borrowed Scott's hard-drive this weekend and stole TONS of music from him. Which was also a fantastic idea. Anyway. I discovered Joshua Radin. And I'm completely OBSESSED. And especially his song called "Sky" which features another favorite Ingrid Michaelson. Please CHECK IT OUT. Let me know what you think :)


Ellen said...

Love the words

Anonymous said...

Joshua Radin IS good stuff...and so is Ingrid Michaelson. Have you ever heard of Rachel Yamagata? She's actually doing a concert in SLC this month, and tickets are only $12! Camille and I are planning on going, and you're totally invited.

Ellen said...

Same to you, I love your thoughts and all that you share. But mostly I love you.