Thursday, April 23, 2009

dandelion wine

i really need to start taking more pictures because my heart is joyed so much when i do. and maybe i should actually take pictures of the important people in my life too.

i love the focus of this photo. i wonder what people think of me when i'm squatting in the middle of the grass, in somebody else's yard, holding as still as i can to get my lovely macro shot, and then trying to hold the camera really still again while i switch it to regular, for the contrast.

sometimes when i take my camera out people look at me funny. i didn't want to draw too much attention, so this is the best i got. the line wrapped around to the west doors of the JSB and went all the way inbetween the ESC and whatever that other building is, just south of it. it made me really grateful that I was already finished with my tests.


Ellen said...

You know that is the name of one of my favorite books. It is the first book where I really felt like I was in the book. I personally don't care what they think of you as long as you keep taking pictures. I love you.

Claire said...

I agree with your madre. Please keep taking pictures. You have such an eye for it.
We will play, most definitely. I'm going to the baseball game tonight. I'll text you.
Saturday is a definitely. We'll talk.