Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Things that make me smile:

  • Going running again. Even though I am out of shape and can't run very fast or far. I went last Saturday and again yesterday. Hopefully I can get into the habit and get back in shape.
  • A cute old man crossing guard. I passed him on my way running south and then north again. I may run that way in the future just to see him again.
  • Finishing a final in less than 30 minutes. I've now finished two of the three finals I've taken in about 25 minutes each, and I felt good about both of them.
  • Being told that I'm "hotter than Hitler". Sorry, no explanation can be given on blogger. But what a compliment, bah.
  • Getting slightly sunburned. This means that its finally sunny outside. And that I sat outside for about 2 hours yesterday, first reading "Charlotte und Wilbur" (Charlotte's Web auf Deutsch), then I fell asleep for about 15 minutes, then I chatted with Al Pal.
  • Remembering Brother Rossell. That sweet old man is one of my favorites. He gave me my PB, and I always wanted to be sealed by him. It doesn't look like that'll happen, but just thinking about him makes me happy. Everytime I'd see him at church he'd tell me that I reminded him more and more of Grandma G, in my looks and actions. Now that is a compliment.
  • Getting 9 hours of sleep a night. It doesn't happen too often, and sometimes I worry why my body feels like it needs so much sleep, but if I can get it I might as well take it, right?
  • Receiving two letters from my favorite missionary. He's my best friend. Reading that he is being a great missionary and he is happy, and also, he loves me.
  • Going grocery shopping with Anthony and Jana, hearing their excited comments and enjoying their company. But also, getting food again. It'd been about a month since I'd gone grocery shopping and I was in dire need of restocking my shelves.
  • Being made fun of for wearing a Rocket Summer shirt. Especially cause the sleeve is signed.
  • Learning that two friends are moving into my ward for the summer. Also combining with another ward for the summer. I'm excited to meet new people.
  • Going to the new Cannon Center with Elise. Having dinner bought for us by her freshman friend. Looking like freshman again as we didn't know where to get trays, and once we did we didn't know where to start because we were so overwhelmed by the choices. Stuffing our faces with food that was actually decent (especially compared to when we lived in the dorms) and eating enough to make us explode. Also on our way back to the car a couple boys offered to buy us dinner, I'd love to take them up on that another day...
  • Starting new classes next week. I love learning, and I'm especially excited to have a class with Anthony.
  • Watching this video. Thank you Kaylie Jean Hancock. This absolutely made my day.
  • Getting told by a certain boy that I can get him to smile. Though he will claim that I can't get him to "when [I] try to tickle [him]." He keeps trying to pretend his not ticklish though actually he's very ticklish. Especially his feet and lowest ribs. Tickling him and getting him to react, and seeing that adorable smile of his too, I can't help but grin.

Things that make me not smile:

  • Walking around the Provo Cemetary and seeing that one family had 7 children die on the same day they were born. They had 13 children total.
  • Losing my dearest roommate. I'm thrilled for her to move into her new place, and to take this next step in life. But I really loved my Aliface and my room is lonely now.
  • Two more final exams. One is scheduled for tomorrow and the other can be taken whenever. Probably today if I can ever get myself to study.
  • Not having a good summer job yet. I promise I'm qualified!
  • Remembering Brother Rossell. He's stopped eating the past couple days, he probably won't be here much longer.
  • Being made fun of for wearing my (sweet) Rocket Summer shirt.
  • Starting new classes next week. I'll be taking a humanities class which will probably be killer, but hopefully I'll get great grades since I won't have much else to do.
  • Watching this video (above). It made me cry. Maybe they were just tears of joy (actually probably mostly), but it really made me miss my beautiful Austria.


Claire said...

Firstly, I need to know who made fun of your Rocket Summer shirt. I'm going to wear mine today just out of spite.
Secondly, it made my stomach hurt to think about you not going shopping for a month! Call me next time, please.
Thirdly, I watched the video too and although I didn't cry, I felt the same longing feelings that you did.
Fourthly, I love you.

Ellen said...

I love it when you post your thoughts on your blog, it allows me to feel a bit closer. I still miss you, even though I have know for months you were staying in Provo this summer, probably even before you knew you were going to stay. I still miss you.

Things that make me smile -
You and Anthony and Jana doing things together
You tickling a certain young man
You remembering good friends and special people
You knowing I am going to see you on May 7

Brit Anderson said...

Aimee! That video almost made me cry too! I don't know what it is about Julie Andrews that just brings people together! haha.

Ali & Scott said...

Aimee Face- I miss you! You are such a sweetie.