Monday, April 27, 2009

Highlights and Lowlights

I went to the Robinson Invitational Friday afternoon. I found myself a good spot infront of the polevaulting. I got to watch the end of the girls vault and a while later almost all of the guys. I had to leave early so I only saw the guys jump to 16' and apparently they jumped 17'. In between the polevaulting I was enthralled watching a lot of the races including the hurtles, 100m, 200m, 1500m, 5000m, etc. It brought back fond memories of HS, and I wished I was still polevaulting, and in shape, and most of all I wished I was still part of a team. Track and Field creates such a bond, and even if you don't know everyone on the team you still cheer for them, and they cheer for you.

I stepped on a bee on Friday while walking across my grass barefoot. I thought I had just stepped on a thorn until the pain started spreading from my toe through my foot. Looking at my foot there was no thorn, but there was a bee on the ground. I hopped into the house on one foot but no one knew what to do, I grabbed a bowl, hopped back outside and scooped some dirt into it. Back inside I filled the bowl with water and stuck my foot in. The pain eventually stopped spreading, though my toe still hurt, I took my foot out of the mud just in time to see a rolley polley on my foot, gross. Saturday night my toe area was really itchy. Sunday it was swollen, red and itchy. Scott took me to the store to get some "After Bite" it still itches occasionally, but it seems to be going down a little.

I went to the BYU vs UNM baseball game on Friday night. I hadn't made it to a game in about a month because of different things, work, friends, school, boy. Needless to say, I was glad to get back to that scene, to catch up with Kelly and to cheer for MY cougs. The game was stopped in the bottom of the 7th, because it was pooring. We were up 11 to 9, and I was hoping they'd call the game. They postponed it till Saturday morning, I didn't make it to the game, but we won 12 to 11.

The world is now accepting Mrs Alison Lalor. That's right, my dear Al Pal is now a married woman. I rode up to the reception in SL with Claire and Jordan. Ali looked gorgeous as ever and so happy. Scott looked estatic as well. I am so happy for them. They make a beautiful couple and I know they will continue to be great together.

Being in SL Saturday night meant I got to see Mr Alden Smith. He met us at the reception and we visited with friends for a bit then he and I jetted out early to meet one of his friends for dinner. The 3 of us just hung out, and I listened as the boys talked about music and movies. He gave me a ride all the way back to Provo, and we listened to good music and chatted the whole way ride "home".

Walking home from church on Sunday, in the rain, I saw a mother duck and at least 9 of her babies. They were adorable. They were running away from me so I couldn't get a great picture, but just trust me. I wanted to catch one and hold it close to me forever.

We had a 25 minute phone conversation yesterday. To some of you phone pros that might not seem very long, and its actually not, but it was a record for us, and I was glad we were able to talk very easily for that long. It would've/could've kept going, but Scott and friends came over, so Alden decided we should say goodbye. Talking to him is so great, but it does make me wish I could see him in person. But we're still working that out...


Ellen said...

Yay for phones.
Yay for ducklings, they are so cute.
Yay for BYU baseball.
Yay for friends.
Yay for anti-itch stuff.
Yay for pictures to view.
Yay for life to read about.
Yay for my love for Aimee.

Ellen said...

Yay for marriage and beautiful girls.
Yay for track and field, but especially pole vaulting.
Yay for church.
Yay for a beautiful smile on Miss Aimee.
Love you so much!

Briana said...

Those baby ducks are so cute!