Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 minute mile

I'm officially really out of shape. I went running on Monday for the first time in who knows how long. I went for about 25 minutes, but walked about 10 minutes, I'd run a few blocks then walk a couple then run again.

Today I ran again. Twice in a week, that's good at least, right? I'm going to try going Friday too and getting a 3 a week routine down. I ran a lot faster today, and stopped less too. I ran the same distance in about 20 minutes today.

I looked up how far I ran, 2.2 miles. That's pathetic how slow I actually am, and how out of breath it actually makes me. I'll get better though, with time. Too bad its getting colder though so it'll actually make the breathing part harder. I might have to run on the indoor track sometimes too.

Anyway, regardless of how slow I am, I'm proud of myself for going twice already this week. And I'm determined to keep it up. So, here's to getting into shape. :)


Ellen said...

Go Aimee!

Brandon and Kelly said...

we should go walking on the indoor track together!