Friday, October 9, 2009

looking forward to..

*Halloween. Nate and I are planning on going as Princess Buttercup and Wesley from a Princess Bride. I'm excited, though we still need to find our costumes. I'm also excited to carve a pumpkin and eat lots of candy. I really want to go to a corn maze this year too.

*Thanksgiving. Nate and I are driving to California to spend the holiday with my family. I'm excited to show him my home, the beach and why I love SD so much. If anyone is headed that way for Thanksgiving and wants to go with us to save on gas that'd be awesome.

*Christmas. Actually pretty much just for Zoe's birth. I can't wait to be an auntie and spoil that little girl like crazy. Two weeks off of school will be pretty nice though. I haven't had a two week break since last Christmas.

*Graduation. Who cares if its 14 months away. Once it happens that'll be so great. I won't HAVE to go to anymore school. Except then I'll have to start working full time somewhere, and hopefully I'll be able to find somewhere good to work (we this economy). And I still (kind of) want to get my masters in Communication Disorders, or get my TESOL certificate. Either way, a bachelors degree will be very exciting. And after graduation I'll finally get to start real life.

*Love. Life.

*What the future holds. I'm excited for tonight to see my lover boy again. I'm excited for Thursday when my L2 paper will be finished and turned in. I'm excited for this weekend. I'm excited for holidays. I'm excited for the snow to come and then to be gone again. I'm excited for this summer. Especially THIS summer.

*Every future second of my life.


Briana said...

Summer is so far away. Why are you so excited for this summer in particular?

Janthony-Garrett said...

Why wait until December to spoil Zoe? She really wants investors for her cloth diaper collection now...

And didn't you get 2 weeks off school in August? I think you're just exaggerating to get attention. :)

Aimee said...

hmm. well summers are always wonderful aren't they?

and of course i'm exaggerating a little. but this christmas break will be so fun with no school OR work and little zoe to play with (or at least hold)