Monday, October 5, 2009


remember this r problem i'm having? well, its still going on. and after taking the key board apart and cleaning it all out, nate discovered it must just be a short. he took my computer to work with him so he could check it out and make sure. so i'm here planning on buying a new keyboard for my computer, 30$, not too bad, but i hate spending money. and nate tells me not to order it yet because he's going to talk to dell and see if they'll fix it. so. get this. he said he was a little rude to them. oops. but he convinced them to fix it for me. plus they're going to fix my touch pad which is pretty crappy, tighten the hinges on my screen and replace the cover to my cd driver. isn't that amazing? what a sweetheart to get them to do all those things for me. i feel a little bad that he was mean to them. but it'll be worth it. so they're sending me a box in the next couple days. then i'll be computer less for 10-12 days, yuck, but, then it'll come back working like new. yay. nate says i owe him big. any ideas?

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Brandon and Kelly said...

marry him. that should be enough to make up for it. HAHAH