Friday, October 23, 2009


Last night when I got home from Nate’s I got a text from Kelsey confirming that I had been in the ward with this guy Robison Sundell. He was in my FHE group over the summer, he was my son, and I became good friends with all the boys in his apartment. I asked her why and she said because he died last night in a long boarding accident.

I was doing fine until I called Nate and told him I started bawling, and I called Mom and was bawling then too. Its just crazy for me to think about how fleeting life actually is. And its especially crazy because on my way to class yesterday, I was on the phone with Nate and I was late to class, but I passed Robi, and I only had a chance to say hi to him, quickly. I hadn’t seen him since the middle of August and he died on the day I saw him again. He was in the hospital on life support for at least a few hours last night while they were waiting for his family to come and officially say goodbye to him, but he didn’t have any brain activity the whole time.

I texted a couple of the boys that were his roommates in the summer, to ask them about it. They said "at least he went out doing what he loved." Again, I just can’t state how much we need to make the best of our lives, today, because you really never know what can happen.


Ali & Scott said...

that's tragic. scott's friend from junior high and highschool died this week. it's weird how life can change so quickly.

Claire said...

Oh breath is caught.

brooke said...

I think those moments are blessings for the rest of us, when we step back and take inventory of what is really important in this life.