Sunday, November 9, 2008

blessings from the Lord

Last Sunday I asked Bruce for a blessing because I was not feeling very well. I had the 3 random bumps on the back of my head/neck plus this growing rash on my neck. Plus, I was EXTREMELY homesick. Bruce asked me to explain the situation a little, and I had to hold back the tears. He gave me a wonderful blessing of comfort and of health. One week later and the bump on my neck is totally gone and the 2 on my head behind my ear have shrunk immensely. The rash on my neck is almost gone as well. Shingles are supposed to last 3 to 5 weeks. But I am almost 100% positive that is what I had. The rash was pretty itchy most of the week, but doesn't itch any more and my ear isn't bothering me any more either. The Lord really is watching out for us, especially when we put our faith in Him.

Look how much better it looks today!

On Friday we rode the tube to Green Park and as we were walking through the park to Buckingham Palace Mirielle discovered that she didnot have her camera. She hadn't seen her camera since we were at Windsor Castle a few hours before because she was trying to conserve battery and take less pictures. She searched all of her pockets and her bag and could not find it anywhere. She went back to the tube to see if she could find it somewhere there. I said a little prayer to the Lord that she would be able to find it. Mirielle and Melissa came back a few minutes later with the camera in hand. She had found it in the middle pocket of her sweatshirt. Very likely the camera was there the whole time, though for some reason she couldn't find it before. But it is always good to remember that the Lord is watching out for us, and He did bless her that she found her camera, almost right away.

Saturday we were planning on leaving our hostel 3 hours before our plane was scheduled to take off. We figured that with an hour and a half travel time that seemed like a good amount of time, to check in and find our gate, and wait a little before the plane took off. We ended up not leaving our hostel till about 45 minutes after planned and then Melissa and I have extra pounds so we wanted to run to a grocery store to spend a little of it at least. We ran through the grocery store and grabbed a few things. The lines were a little long, but nothing to worry about from my point of view. Though Tony and Michelle were outside the grocery store immensely freaking out that we wouldn't make it to our flight. A few minutes later we got on the tube and made our way to a trainstation. Mirielle said she checked on line, and told us a station that we could catch a train at to the airport. But when we got there a man working there told us we needed to head to Liverpool street. Which was about 11 stops away. Luckily we didn't have any transfers and could take the "circle line" directly from where we were. The tube was extremely crowded but we HAD to get on anyway and jam ourselves in with our luggage. While we were on the tube I prayed, begging the Lord that we would make our flight in time. Otherwise, how were we going to get home?! We made it to liverpool station with about an hour and a half till our plane was going to leave. We caught a train that was leaving in about 5 minutes, and it was a 45 minute ride to the airport. Ali told us not to worry, because stressing doesn't help anything, and there was nothing we could do about it at that point. The whole time, I kept a prayer in my heart that we would make it in time. We got to the airport at about 6:10 and our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:55. We ran through the airport and got to the kiosk where the lady told us to check at the computers a bit away. I typed my confirmation number into the computer and it said "it is too late to check in. please seek assistance." I ran back to the woman, and a man was there also and told us we could check in with the people. Though the woman still didn't seem to understand and wanted us to go to the computers again. We hurried through security, and they stopped Tawny because she accidentally didn't take her toothpaste out or put it in a plastic bag for liquids. Mirielle and I were the first through and we continued to run through the airport to our gate. Our flight was supposed to leave in about 25 minutes and we got close and I saw on a screen "final boarding call" we got to our gate and there were still lots of other people boarding. Wow, what an answered prayer. We all were able to get on our flight just fine, and we were almost all able to sit CLOSE (not necessarily right next) to each other. It was nice not to have to sit at the airport for 2 hours before I flight left, but I think I'd rather take the wait then the stress I felt last night.

We also didn't know if the Ubahns would be running when we got back into Vienna, but luckily they still were. The bus dropped us off at the Erdberg station on the U3 and I just had to ride the U3 all the way home. Of course I missed my last bus, but its not TOO far of a walk, and I just hurried home from the station. Though that WAS A little difficult with my LARGE bag, stuffed to the brim and my purse. I made it home from the station in 20 to 25 minutes and the Lord was kind enough to answer another prayer and keep me safe all the way home.

I am so grateful for how much the Lord is watching out for each and everyone of His children. I just need to remember not to take advantage of Him and to give Him thanks for those blessings. Of course after each of these incidences I offered a prayer of gratitude.


Britley said...

Thanks, Aimee, for the reminder.

Blake and I almost missed our plane when we were leaving London too. Apparently someone had gotten on the tracks under a tube in front of us, so there were major delays, and we accidentally got on the wrong train once and had to go back a stop. We barely made it too.

Mommy said...

I am thankful for answered prayers. I am glad to not have to read about all this until afterwards too. I know I pray each day that you are watched over and I am seeing so many times it is answered. I am glad you recognize it too.

claire.bear said...

Aimee, thank you so much for posting this.
Sometimes it's almost ridiculous how much we're going through here. Haven't we had enough learning experiences already? Like you, though, I'm so grateful for them. Thanks for your testimony. And thanks for always being there to talk to me about things. You are so strong.

Love you.