Sunday, November 2, 2008


When I was in 1st grade I was infected with Herpes Zoster (shingles).

The infection with the varicella zoster virus which causes chicken pox. Sometimes the virus is not completely eliminated from the body, but can come back to cause shingles many years later. Usually shingles is more prevalent in those over 50 because of their weaker immune systems. Some of the symptoms are sensations of itching, burning, oversensitivity, etc. After a couple of days the initial phases are followed by a rash. This is limited to one side of the body and does not cross the midline. Zoster is more likely to occur in people who's immune system is impaired or because of stress. The rash and pain usually subside within 3 to 5 weeks.

That still doesn't explain my (now) 3 bumps. Two behind my ear, one in my hair and one visible, and one on my neck. Mom talked to a doctor today and showed him the picture of my neck, and he said the large bumps could be related to the "shingles" as well. We are assuming, or at least I am, now that my shingles have come back. I had been sick for a while, causing me to have a weakend immune system as well, plus I probably was pretty stressed this week, though I didn't really notice the stress until after the rash and bumps had already been appearing.

Actually the rash first looked like a bug bite. Just like it did when I was 6 years old. Except that time, once it broke out into blisters like it is now, I went to the doctor because we had no idea what it was.
My neck.

A picture of shingles from Wikipedia. --- They look similar, no?

Unfortunately the virus caused two of my little cousins to be infected with chicken pox. One was just a baby too. I really hope Matthi doesn't get them from me this time. I was holding him for a few minutes today because Birgit was finishing getting ready for church and he was crying a lot. Most of the time I was holding him out with my arms and bouncing him up and down. It was really difficult because he is so chubby and heavy (but its a good arm work out right?) I leaned him against my chest a couple of times, but I'm hoping because the bubbles have not popped yet that it will be okay. Maybe it will be good that I am gone this week for that reason, I do NOT want to get him sick.

Also, I don't particularly want my neck to be pussing, but I guess that gives me more of an excuse to wear my scarfs this week.

Sometimes after severe blistering, scarring and discolored skin remain. Fourteen years later and I still have a scar on my right thigh. Though thankfully it has faded a lot since I was in first grade. I'm praying my neck won't be as bad and won't scar, cause that might not look to pleasant.
My scarred thigh :(
I got a blessing from Bruce today. It was mostly for comfort but also to give me health. I know it will work. I have faith, and I know the Lord is watching out for me and I will be okay.

I am so excited to get distracted from everything this week, in Dublin and London and to just completely be loving life, again. I loved life this weekend mostly. And then I got sidetracked, but I'm trying to overcome that and focus on how amazing it was. This week will be even better!


Mom (mommy) said...

Thanks for the pictures just for me. I really hope it does not scar either. I am glad you trust the priesthood and Heavenly Father. I know He is watching out for you too, always.

claire.bear said...

Oh, Aimee! Darling. I'm so grateful you were able to get a blessing from Bruce. I hope everything is going much better.
I also hope you're marvelously distracted all week. I can't wait to see you love!