Thursday, November 20, 2008


Can I just tell you how much I absolutely loved the Fußball Spiel last night? Okay, so really, I've never been the BIGGEST soccer fan. Don't get me wrong. I really do love it. But I would never go out of my way to go to a soccer game. And, I haven't even been to that many. I'm the girl to get so pumped for a football or baseball game. But I think, I may have to become a HUGE soccer fan.

Okay, reason 1. I absolutely love playing soccer. Though I'm really not very great at it. I "stink at it" (if you will ;) 2. Soccer boys, honestly are probably the cutest of all. I just love their nice calfs - haha. 3. I'm positive if I lived here permanently I would be SO into it. The fans here are so heftig (fierce/insane). They had fireworks! (That would so, NOT be allowed in the USA)

The group in front of us was mostly Türkei fans, probably ages 8 to 14, except for one stalwart little boy, decked out in his Österreich gear. They were all so cute though. And they loved tormenting us that Turkey was winning. They were just having so much fun with it, and I loved watching them. One boy was friendly though, he kept giving us high 5s and he said "Österreich und Türkei. Es ist ein Freundschaft" (it's a friendship) and nach das Spiel (after the game) he told us to have a "schönen Abend doch" (pretty/nice evening however) One guy sitting behind us was nice enough to put the Austrian stripes on our faces. He had the sweetest facepaint stick thing, with the colors, it was like MAGIC.

The final score was 4 to 2, Türkei. But, it was still one of my favorite nights here in Wien. And thankfully, it didn't dissapoint at all. Because Claire and I definitely built it up before hand. But it was even BETTER than I could have hoped. We learned all the songs. I was hoping to lose my voice from screaming loud enough, but realized I couldn't shout as loud as I wanted because of how low the melodies were sung. Scade.

"Immer wieder, immer wieder, immer Wieder Österreich"
"Wir singen ROT, wir singen WEIß, wir singen ROT, WEIß, ÖSTERREICH"
"Lalallateedalala" (Not sure exactly how it goes, but they didn't really say anywords, it just seemed to be random nonsense. Though Georg got after me for singing it wrong --- somehow?)
"Wer nicht hopf, er ist ein Türkei"

Anyway, we were in the 5th row. And it was absolutely AMAZING. There is an Österreich Wien vs. Rapid Wien game on December 6th. Und ich glaube, dass ich gehen MUSS.


claire.bear said...

I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this.
Loved it.
Loved the game.
Love you.

Mom said...

You always are so enthused about things. It is part of being Aimee. You put your whole heart into everything and have a great time. I love that about you.