Monday, November 10, 2008

picture favorites -- London edition

Well, I will write about our Dublin and London adventures another time, maybe. I haven't even written about them in my journal yet. But because I am attempting to stay off of facebook for another week, till next Sunday (or I at LEAST have to survive till Wednesday) I decided I could post a few of our wonderful adventures here, via picture. I think that will please mother the most, and maybe it will help appease my addiction of FB and pictures.

The gorgeous London, England Temple and its reflection. This temple has the 2nd largest plot of land (compared to the other temples) , 28 acres. I am curious to what temple has more land.
We were bored waiting for the fireworks to start. So, we started 7X7 (hah), we set my camera on continual to take about 7 to 10 pics and made faces. This is the only picture we got with the 4 of us smiling, out of about 50 pictures.

 The firework show for Guy Fawkes night was VERY impressive. Maybe the best show I have seen in my life.

The Tower Bridge behind us. We went on an "exhibition" there and watched a little movie on the history of the bridge. We also got to walk across the bridge at the top, and enjoyed the view. (me, Melissa, Ali and Mirielle)

Big Ben (is actually the name of the bell inside the clock) and Parliament and the London Eye.
Windsor Castle is the size of 268 tennis courts. But if you ask Ali, she will tell you the queen has 268 tennis courts. The queen lives at Windsor Castle on the weekends. And this was completely one of my favorite things to do in London.All of us girls at Windsor Castle. We were able to get the Audio Guides, though we didn't want to walk that slow so I only listened to about the first half of every talk on the locations.
I thought this was a sweet picture through the golden gates (surrounding Buckingham Palace) of the trees in Green (?) Park.
Our wonderful double decker Bus ride in London. And it was probably the best double decker ever, with a door in the back, and the stairs were connected to the right outside and while he was stuck in traffic we just jumped right off.

We got to Trafalger Square again and saw a wonderful rainbow there. I was also very happy that the rain had finally stopped.

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mom said...

That is a sweet picture, love the post. It is so great to see you via pictures. I shared your Sunday post in seminary today, we were talking about the good shepherd and how He knows us, so I thought it was good example of how He knows us.