Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is Home

I've come to LOVE the beautiful city of Vienna and the WHOLE country of Austria, actually. I have had so many wonderful experiences this semester. If you would have asked me about two or three weeks ago if I was ready to go home, I would have said YES, in an instant. I'm SO grateful to say that i've reached the point where i'm not very excited to come home.

Granted there are things at home that I am very much looking forward to. 1. in n out burger 2. mexican food. 3. rootbeer. 4. my bed. 5. my pets. 6. the beach. 7. warm weather. 8. my parents. 9. returning to BYU (mostly to be with my girls, from before and my new girls.)10. to take an ASL class. --- No particular order, and there could be other things I'll love to have again in addition to these.

I don't know if could pick one particular thing to name as my VERY favorite. Some of my favorite things have been 1. bike riding 20 miles along the danube river. 2. the 2 hikes we did in Dorfgastein, one in the snow, and the 2nd straight up hill (and i did it in flats!) 3. the cute island of burano in venice, with the colorful houses. 4. playing soccer with the youth and JAE of the Vienna area -- and taking 3rd place. 5. temple in London. 6. the bath's in Budapest. 7. the Austria/Turkey soccer game -- learning the cheers, and loving the Turkish fans in front of us. 8. the friendships I've developed, with people in my program, my host family, and other members of the church here -- I think this is what I will miss the most. 8. the love I've gained for the german language. I can't imagine forgetting all that I've learned here. --- No particular order again.

I'm only glad to say that I will MISS so many things about Austria. I KNOW I will cry when I leave. I am grateful that I feel this way, because that means this place, this foreign place, really has become home to me. Even some of the things I hate here, I think I will miss. 1. The Scheibenwiese -- (this is our name for our bus) it comes early about every other day, and we often miss it by about 30 seconds. 2. Not understanding the language -- I loved going to Czech or Italy or wherever and hearing German, it was finally something familiar in those EVEN more foreign lands. 3. The strange food -- though there are MANY foods I miss eating here, I will miss the tasty treats (pastries, icecream, chocolate, usw) that Wien has to offer me -- even if they cause me to get a gut (ha -yotekaw)

"I've got my memories AlwaysInside of me But I can't go back Back to how it was... I've come to far... This is home Now I'm finally Where I belong... I've been searching For a place of my own Now I've found it... And I got my heart Set on
What happens next I got my eyes wide It's not over yet We are miracles And we're not alone And now after all My searching After all my questions I'm gonna call it home I got a brand new mindset I can finally see... And I won't go back Yeah, this is home" (parts of 'This is Home' -- by Switchfoot)

"Now we're back to the beginning It's just a feeling and no one knows yet But just because they can't feel it too Doesn't mean that you have to forget Let your memories grow stronger and stronger Til they're before your eyes You'll come back When they call you No need to say good bye" (parts of 'The Call' by Regina Spector)

Both of these songs are from the Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. I feel like they embody my feelings almost perfectly. Wien is where my heart is now. Few others will ever know how much of an affinity my heart has for this city. I am so grateful for memories, and I hope I can hold these memories in my heart forever. Thank goodness for pictures to help with that.

My parents will be here in 12 days. 23 days till I am home to California. It might be quite a struggle for them to get me on that plane. I DON'T want to go.


Mom said...

okay, we will not force you but when you are homeless in Vienna you just might want to come home with us. I hope you never ever forget your feelings and love for Vienna either. Your memories, your journal and your pictures and friends will help. I am so thankful you love it so much. I imagine you feel somewhat like a missionary does when he has to go home. It really is a good thing, that feeling.

Aimee said...

Though I think most of the city itseld does not actually love me back. I can hopefully honestly say that there are people here who will miss me. And I bet they would even let me live with them if I asked them hard enough. The only problem would be finding a job.

Loving, Learning, and Sharing said...

It sounds like we better get you out of there before you become unalterably-physically attached to the place. We want you to come home. PLEASE. We love you tooo. haha. See you soon.

Janthony-Garrett said...

Unfortunuately, both of our trips are ending and it will seem like a dream compared to the reality that is adult life. :( I'm sad too. I think we'll make it though--the US has a few good things to keep us happy. Can't wait to see you!