Wednesday, March 11, 2009

100 things to do...

... before I die.

Elise inspired me with her list. She was able to list 100 things. She's already done quite a few of them. She even made it cute by printing out each thing and gluing them on this road map looking thing, on like a tack board. Its on her wall. What great GOALS.

So, I'm going to try listing 100 things I want to do before I die. And I'm going to try (starting asap) to accomplish them. Isn't that exciting? Actually, I was thinking about it in class, I started my list and only came up with about 10. Writing it now I can think of a FEW more. So here's my BUCKET LIST. I'll add to it when I think of more... also, some of these things are subject to change, and/or deletion.
  1. Marriage in the Temple
  2. Sky Dive
  3. Raise a Family
  4. Serve a Mission
  5. Graduate from Uni
  6. Bungee Jump
  7. Own a House
  8. Live in another Country (again)
  9. Shoot a Gun
  10. Slalom Water Ski
  11. Ride a Horse
  12. Run a Marathon (or at least 1/2)
  13. Be Fluent in Second Language
  14. Own and Raise my Own Pet (or a family pet)
  15. Submit Photography in Contest
  16. Visit New Zealand. And Australia
  17. Wake Board
  18. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
  19. Snow Ski
  20. Surf (again)
  21. Visit the Andes
  22. Have my own Garden (with flowers and trees and fruits and vegetables)
  23. Adopt a Baby
  24. Give Birth
  25. Own a Turtle
  26. Visit all 50 states (again)
  27. Scuba Dive (in the Ocean)
  28. Own a Boat
  29. Teach English in Another Country
  30. Go Skinny Dipping
  31. Kiss in the Rain
  32. Drive on the Autobahn
  33. Go in a Hot Air Balloon
  34. Gamble in Vegas (only a dollar)
  35. Do Family History
  36. Catch a Foul Ball
  37. Sail Boat in the Ocean
  38. Learn to say Hello, How are you, Thank you, etc. in 30 Languages
  39. Learn to Play the Guitar
  40. Go Rock Climbing (outside)
  41. Visit Stonehenge
  42. Visit the 7 NEW Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu, Peru, The Colisseum in Rome, Petra, Jordan, Christ Redeemer, Brazil, the Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza, Mexico and the Taj Mahal, India
  43. See the Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis
  44. Pull an All Nighter
  45. Drive a Motorcycle
  46. Take a Safari Ride in Africa
  47. Send a Message in a Bottle
  48. Own a Boat
  49. Catch a Fish (again)
  50. Punch Someone as Hard as I Can
  51. Recieve my Masters Degree
  52. Have a Legitimate, Full Time Job
  53. Read all the Standard Works: Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Old Testament and New Testament (again)
  54. Hike Mt. Timp
  55. Learn to Drive Clutch
  56. Hear Sherwood in Concert
That's all I've got. And I even had to look online to get lots of the ideas... I'm sure thinking about it the next few days I'll come up with more. But please, help me come up with ideas. What do YOU want to do before you die? Cause honestly, you're all rad, I'm sure it'd be something I'd enjoy too.


Briana said...

Aimee!! You inspired me. I made a bucket list too. Or at least I started one. I love your list and I enjoyed reading it. I secretly would like to drive a motorcycle too but I think if I did it would give my mom a heart attack. You rock!

Janthony-Garrett said...

You've never pulled an all nighter?? Or did you find the next day crash and burn enjoyable enough to merit another go?

And you really want to punch someone as hard as you can? How can I ensure I'm not on the list of potentials?