Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was almost stupid enough to lose my best friend. I don't think I would have actually lost her. We're way too close for that. But still. For me to do anything to make her upset. It breaks my heart. Also, another wonderful friend was a little upset with me. Though, he'll lie and say he wasn't.

Having people upset with me is my least favorite thing. Basically in life. Its worse than making decisions. That's saying a lot. We're alright now though. We haven't talked about it yet. I think we will though. I hope she understands I would never want to hurt her or her feelings. I love her.

We've been through so much together. We met our first day of school and have been friends since. We bonded instantly. She bought me Jamba Juice. (I didn't have my ID/DP yet.) We ate lunch everyday with our group of FA friends. We were roommates fall 06 and winter 07. We helped eachother with all our struggles. Including with boys. and again and again. We had piles, of grass. We would sit in our room FBing eachother. Not saying a word. Probably laughing occassionally. FB chat didn't even exist. We have 65 pages of wall to wall. We'd go to the library and FB each other there too. We'd stay up till the wee hours of the night. Standing on poles. Watching movies. Sitting on warm cement. Playing soccer in the quad, in the mud. We made lots of other friends, but we were almost ALWAYS together. Especially summer semester. We had some awkward moments, that we will NEVER forget. Especially the one at the grocery store, with Tony, and that lady. Bahahahahahha. We pushed our beds together. We made bunkbeds. We traveled to her cabin together. We cut down a (at least) 15' Christmas tree for the cabin. And a mini one for our room. We decorated for Christmas. We had "christmas" lights for other seasons too. Orange. Blue and White. Etc. She taught me how to snowboard. I probably couldn't do it now though. We ate junkfood together. We ate Wendy's together. One time: 2 JBCs, a chicken sandwhich, and a frosty. We didn't finish. We stayed up talking in our hallway. Laying on the floor with our legs up the wall. Keeping everyone else up because of our noise. Oops. We watched baseball together. And still do. We flew kites together. We had bonfires. With pallets from the Walmart parking lot. We dance together. We dressed up for halloween together. Hannah and Lola. Rockstars.

We've made so many memories, and I've only listed probably 1/213.7. But seriously. Please forgive me, sincerely. I love you babe. Remember, we've got to stay friends forever. And we'll make sure our husbands are friends. And our kids. So we can play. Perfect.

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Briana said...

Hey, girl. I hope everything is ok in your world and that everything works out for you. You are amazing. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and I'm here if you ever need to chat