Thursday, March 26, 2009

I heard the wind

Walking to campus today.
It was so windy.
I pulled my hood tight around my head.
To cover my ears.
But it was blown off, instantly.
I tried to hold the hood on my head.
But decided it wasn't worth it. To freeze my hands.
I faced the wind as I walked suredly to school.
My nose ran. My eyes cried.

I made it to campus, pushing against the strong winds. I decided to stop at the Clyde building. I can get just as much done here and now I don't have to walk all the way to the library. Now I just have to begin my research project for ASL. Deaf Communities. I want to research Cochlear Implants. I'll probably research them eventually anyway.

Sometimes I have the strongest feeling that one of my children is going to be deaf. I will teach them sign language. I will teach all my kids sign even if they are 'hearing', that's not the issue. My question is whether I would get them a Cochlear Implant. Right now I say YES. But the Deaf Community is extremely against it. And I wouldn't want to completely isolate my child. I just would want them to have opportunities. Opportunities to do everything and anything. Anything their heart desires. We'll see what happens.

What would you do if your child was born deaf?


Claire said...

You will be a most wonderful mother, if your children can all hear or not. I know that sort of feeling though. I get those feelings too sometimes.

What would I do? Hopefully I would already be living close to you anyway, so you could help me teach my children to sign.

Ellen said...

I love Claire and I hope you two can somehow live close to each other also.

I think I would give my child a Cochlear Implant if he or she was born deaf. I think it would allow for many more opportunities. But I don't know the reason the Deaf Community is against it and enough about it. Your research paper should help you if you ever need to make that decision. Just make sure you teach your child the sign for GRANDMA. :)

Aimee said...

My research paper is on Deaf communities. If I reasearch cochlear implants, it will only be for my personal enjoyment.

But of course my kids will know Grandma, silly.

And Claire, I'd love to help teach you and your Kindern ASL

Loving, Learning, and Sharing said...

I love the wind blowing so hard you have to lean into it. However, the cold is another story completely.

Janthony-Garrett said...

I wouldn't do cochlear implants. Maybe my deaf teachers have brainwashed me, but they've shown pretty well that a disabiity doesn't have to limit your abilities outside of the disability itself-- other than not hearing, you can do anything you want. My ASL teacher in high school was a cheerleader. She couldn't hear the music, but she could follow rhythms just as much as anyone else.

But we'll see if/when I'm in a position to make a decision about something like that. :)