Thursday, May 7, 2009


it must be true. i must be cursed.
i get something good going and it never gets past THAT. good.
i blame myself, not necessarily because how i am IN the situation,
but for getting myself THERE in the first place.

my PB says it'll happen at the RIGHT time.
i guess i'm just not to that time yet.
i'm probably TOO immature.
i probably need to learn more about MYSELF first.

here i go on a trail of self recognition. SELF CONFIDENCE.
making MY OWN decisions. for myself.
then maybe someday i'll get to THAT time.
unfortunately, it appears its not today.

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Enjoy that trail of self recognition, self confidence and growth as hard as the beginning may be and even as rocky as it may be along the way. Just remember Heavenly Father is always there to guide you and steady you. I love you!