Saturday, May 30, 2009


i've always got the buggies. it takes a while to get comfortable, and so you've got to adjust till you get there. and then you get a random itch on your leg, then your arm, then your toe. bah.

i'm so content right now. i'm sitting outside on my "porch" listening to crickets chirp. and blogging. its slightly chilly, but i've got a blanket on my legs for that. theres an itch on my right AND left thigh. maybe its from bug bites. about 12 bugs flew into different parts of my face today on my bike ride. ashlee and i rode down to utah lake. i wonder how many miles that is? i'll definitely be taking my camera next time. it was soooo beautiful. a gorgeous day, with a curvy trail, grandiose mountains, and a beautiful destination of the lake.

the end. its way past sleepy time.


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