Thursday, May 28, 2009


i love stanley to death.
we can just go out for a ride.
and its so refreshing.
plus, its good exercise.
i especially love riding/coasting down hills.

last friday ash and i went for a ride with stan and rox to cafe rio. it was delicious. and a great ride.
Stan Stan and I

Ash and I

Ashlee and Roxanne
Yummy Cafe Rio

Mmmmmm mmmm
Roommies :)


Ellen said...

Looks like fun. Glad you are enjoy the bike.

Chelsy Rae said...

you are SO cute. i wish i had a bike. haha.

Kaycie Q said...

i go on my bike everywhere now since my truck is left in utah while i'm home! his name is DJ! i'm so glad you named your bike too!!! cute as ever, amiee!