Saturday, May 9, 2009



(on 5/9)
...has the best parents.
...wants to go to the 'fun' concert at the avalon this wednesday. spoiled. excited to ride her new bike. anyone want to join her on a bicycle ride?
...loves joshua radin.
...ate way too food much this weekend. pretending.
...did not take THAT as a compliment.
...loves you. thrilled the baseball team won the series (way to scare us in the 9th today, letting in 5 runs...sike)
...loves flowers. and taking macro pictures of them. glad she's started reading her scriptures again.

(on 5/11)
...hasn't finished all her reading for tomorrow's classes. or the assignment for hum. oops.
...has an interview tomorrow. wish her luck.
...named her bike, Stanley. he's my best man now.
...hiked the Y tonight for FHE.
...burnt her back today.
...loves summer time!
...met new friends in the ward.

(on 5/13)
...'s heart is achey. sad that stanley has a flat. and she needs a ride to costco to fix him.
...loves arrested development
...'s back is itchy. and achey when she gets dressed and wears her backpack.
...has decided to grow her finger nails out. hopefully she can do it.
...has a paper due tomorrow. of course she hasn't started it either.
...misses you.
...loves music again. mostly.

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Ellen said...

Yay, for Stanley. If you take care of him, he will take care of you.

So glad you met new friends, okay we just have to hike the Y next time. I have never done it. Enjoy the summer.