Wednesday, May 13, 2009

thank you joshua radin, for singing just what i've been feeling.

the clouds in your eyes
down your face they pour
won't you be the new one burn to shine
I take the blue ones every time
walk me down your broken line
all you have to do is cry

This song came on, just after.
I haven't cried since that night.
But I wish I could. Cry again.
I think it would be a nice refresher.


And I know it's easy to say
But it's harder to feel this way
I miss you more than I should
Than I thought I could
Can't get my mind off of you
And I hate the phone
But I wish you'd call

That's all. Exactly.
My mind likes to wander. Wherever it pleases.
No matter how much I try to avoid those thoughts.
I can't make the call. I wish you would.
I miss you. I really do.


I’ve been down this road before
So the best thing
I can give to you
Is for me to go
Leave you alone
You got growin up to do

I like to pretend that THAT is a good excuse.
For things not being just the way I want them to be.
At least its what I keep telling myself.
In my almost 21 years of life, I still haven't grown up enough.

I can't make my own decisions.
I can't stop biting my finger nails.
I can't not procrastinate my school work till the last second possible.
There are a lot of things I can't do.
But don't be fooled.

There are a lot of things I can do too.
*I can live in a foreign country, where I hardly speak the language. I can get myself where ever I want and need to go. I can grocery shop, along with any other kind of shop. I can learn to communicate with the people, and I can learn to love them with my WHOLE heart.
*I can take care of myself. I can cook myself food. I can clean my room and apartment. I can wash my own clothes. I can live alone.
*I can attend college. I can enjoy it. I can enjoy learning, and attending my classes. I can get my homework and reading assignments finished on time. I can get good grades.


The things in my head
You used to admire
In your sundrenched world
I'm talking to you
But you're not listening
I don't know what to do
My heart is blistering
I think I might be the one in the 'sundrenched world'.
But its better to be optimistic, rather than pesimistic, isn't it?
I really don't know what to do with myself.
At this point in my life. What do I do next?
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."
Thanks Dory, I'll sure try.


Claire said...

I'm never sure if it's okay to call you these days, just because you might be in class or something.
Please call me when you have a little time. Very soon.
You are loved.

Ellen said...

Aimee, I love you so much. Wow, what a song. Keep swimming!!!!!!!

Matt Davies said...

Hey if you ever need to talk, even tho I'm 1000 miles away I'm here for you

Ali & Scott said...

Aimes, this makes me sad. i wish i was there to have pillow talk w/ you.