Monday, June 1, 2009


life. that is.

spring term is absolutely ridiculous. i have a test today and one tomorrow, then a paper due thursday. but only 3 more weeks then i'm fertig. then onto summer term classes. which i'm also excited for. 330 is gonna kick my trash probably, but it'll be so good to speak german again.

the weather has been fabulous lately. i love sitting outside in shorts and a shirt. reading a little. tanning a little. just loving life. and stanley has been treating me so well too. as before, we've really enjoyed our rides our to utah lake. check out how gorgeous this is.
i'm not sure what that annoying splot on the upper left is, but i cleaned the lense, so hopefully it'll be gone in the future.
and the cute boy i've been hanging out with. well, he's just that, cute. we have a lot of fun together.


Ali & Scott said...

you're cute

Ellen said...

LOVE that you are blogging. Love that you are photographing and sharing. Love you.