Thursday, June 18, 2009


yesterday, after two weeks apart i got to see claire bear again. and let me just tell you it was absolutely perfect. even with time away from eachother, once we come back together its just it was yesterday. we catch up on eachothers lives, and we spill our entire hearts to eachother. this needs to happen more.

i was thinking about it yesterday, how i could've gone to vienna the year before. i wasn't accepted, but then later i was. but i turned it down. i'm so grateful for that now. there are other people from the program that i'm so grateful are in my life today. but especially my claire. i need her in my life, and i'd like to think that she needs me too.

its so funny to think about how a friendship, a trust, like this was created. over a rocket summer shirt and sharing a bed together. but now, it unbreakable and i trust her with my thoughts, my aspirations, my worries, my heart. and i know she'll listen.

there are few people that i will bear by soul to.
  • ali always had to pry things out of me, but because she would i knew she cared and i started to give information more willingly.
  • my mother is the first person i'll call when anything goes awry. she'll tell me she wishes she was here to give me a hug and make it all better.
  • i promise i'm working on opening up to YOU, its just not what i normally do and i'll have to work on it more. i do trust you. i am trying...

and thank you again claire for letting me tell you all about my life. you're wonderful.


Claire said...

Oh Aim, MY Aim.
I love the feeling I get from you, whether we're sitting cross-legged on your brown suede couch or just texting during the day.
We are meant to be friends.
I was inspired to go to that Rocket Summer concert and buy a sweet shirt :)
Love you!

Ellen said...

Love you so much.

Ali & Scott said...

you're cuter than cute cute. and ps, i did have to PRY things out of you. Love ya girly!