Monday, June 15, 2009


i want to write. but i have no idea what i should write about. its been a couple days so maybe thats why i feel like i should. and life is really good. so maybe thats why too.

but im at a loss for words, to describe anything. here's life.

nate and i spent as much time together as possible this weekend. friday we went out to dinner. and he was nice enough to come to a "vienna reunion" bonfire with me. my al pal was there with her scottyface. which was so good. we ate lots of chocolate. saturday we went fishing. nate and i caught 4 fish. dain caught 3. the hurricane came upon us. seriously. we went to my ward activity. to fend off "the sharks". i think it worked. we played with anth and jana. blockus 3D. and ate ihop. i went to church with him. to fend off the jezebels. we ate trout. and brownies. so much for being healthy. meh. at least we're relatively active. i love how much we do outside.

its time to study for finals. i've got 3 tests this week. i'm not thrilled. wish me luck.

we caught ducklings this week. they were adorable. we tried again last night, but i think cause it was sunday they were already full.

our catchings. what a feast.

Nater fishing.

I even caught a snake while we were there. I'm getting braver.


Claire said...

You caught a SNAKE?
Oh my!
I can't decide on my favorite picture. They are all so perfect. First place has to be the one of you two. Second place, the line of fish.
I am way impressed.
Wednesday sounds wonderful by the way. I'll call you sometime.

Ali & Scott said...

snake!!! ewww and SCARY! It was so great to see your pretty face on Friday. You're GREAT! Ps, isn't fishing the best! esp. when you are fishing with that special someone. : )

Ali & Scott said...

ps, he's got a cute smile. love that

Miss J. Davis said...

Fun post Aimee! If anyone deserves crazy happiness it's you!

Ellen said...

I love you Aimee! You are cute and adventurous (sp) and fun. You will do great on your test, study, pray for help, study, do.

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