Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my frosting is disappearing...

i'm glad to say that even though it is sad that my frosting has been slowly, or not so slowly, disappearing, this statement is purely physical. for now there is no metaphor intended.

rainbow chip frosting is so delicious. and i don't eat it that often. but occasionally i'll whip it out and eat it on some graham crackers. i had it on my shelf first. then next time about a quarter of it was gone. i put it in the back of the fridge and now its over half way gone. keep in mind i've only had 3 graham crackers with frosting.

are they searching every day to discover when i've actually opened the container to learn that its become accesible to steal? i don't get it. because it sat in the same spot on my shelf before it was opened. and after. until i put it in the fridge. because its healthier, and tastes better. meh. i dont say anything cause i dont want to ruin our now established friendship..

but at least life is still full of frosting. at least things as delicious as frosting.
  • a couple friends from study abroad read their mission calls to us last night. i'm soooo thrilled for them. germany and brazil. how rad is that? needless to say, it was very joyous to see old friends again. especially my kinner who i hadn't seen in over a month.
  • the weather is still glorious. i haven't been getting the hot face at all lately. which also means i haven't been getting as tan lately. but i'm still pretty tan. scott and zach told me yesterday that i look mexican. :)
  • spring classes are almost over. which means summer classes cometh. but, i'll be glad to take these finals and write these 2 last papers.
  • my finger nails are painted purple. which is apparently more acceptable than the previous turquoise color.
  • the boy still likes me. and i still like him.
  • elise is home from michigan. and hopefully won't be going back till aug. though she will leave in a few weeks for kelly's wedding! but i'm excited to play with her until then. we're going on a double date this weekend.

well. that's all. i'll have to think of a new place to hide my frosting so it doesn't all get eaten before i get any. but until then, i'll enjoy life's frosting :)


brooke said...

Hmmm, not entirely sure why I haven't been following your excellent blog up to this point.

I LOVE graham crackers with frosting--this makes us practically best friends. Just to let you know.

Ali & Scott said...

ahhhhh. it hasn't stopped!????? I am sneaking into the apartment in the middle of the night and la la LOVING on your frosting. can you get german chocolate next time, please...?