Sunday, June 21, 2009


we went camping this weekend. in tabiona. it was beautiful there. we forgot a few items to make the food better (including ketchup), but it was still enjoyable. we made a fire. we cooked polish
sausages. and a mush of bacon, carrots and onions. i froze as i slept on the hard ground. but only
woke up 3 times. around 6:30 elise climbed in my sleeping bag and we spooned. but it was so
warm.we ate eggs and bacon for breakfast.we went fishing. nate broke his pole on friday, so we
caught the fish with just line and a hook. we caught 4! i pulled one in with my bare hands and the
line. i cleaned 2.5 fish. nate taught me how and i did it. i cut them open, pulled out the guts,
broke the blood along the spine, cut off the fins, and scaled them. i even had to bite off a piece of
the fin that wouldn't cut off. i felt like a total mountain woman. it started to pour, freezing rain.
we hurried back and cleaned up the camground. we drove home. we smelled like mud, wet, fish,
and fire.

what a wunderbar time it was. ganz geil :)

Eliseeeeee and I

See, it was beautiful.

I don't think Dain loved us being on his car.

River. Blue Skies. Fishing.

Dain teaching Elise to fly fish.


The fishie I caught. A good sized one too.

Fish kissies :)

My mountain man.

The catchings of the day.

Cleaning the fish.

Bloody hands and all. I am a mountain woman.


kaylie jean said...

I respect you so much for this- especially the last picture.

You are freaking hard core, and you and boyfriend are so darn cute. :)

Ali & Scott said...

aimee, we were rained out on our camping trip as well. where is this place? we went to southern utah hoping it would be warmer. but no, it was not. what do you guys use for bait? fishing is so fun, right!??

Ellen said...

Aimee, you are so amazing. I love that you are always willing to do new things. You just do, you are not afraid, you are courageous, you are adventurous, you what to know and learn.

Beautiful place, you are beautiful.

kendra said...

This looks so fun! You are so hardcore.

Also I think you should come hang out with us more.

Tawny Christensen said...


dude. i love these pictures. your beauty is immense. and i agree with deine mutti, so correct: you are always doin new things and living life with such zest. i admire that very much! you're so awesome, aim!

i also just saw the post where you talked about not going to wien a year earlier. aim, even though we aren't super close, I can't imagine what that semester would've been like without you there. you are such an incredible gal, and you've inspired, uplifted, and bettered me many a time! i love you aim! i'm so grateful to know you!